I love how Hinata tries to be mature, but her loneliness is so obvious. The daddies leave one behind the watch the kids while everyone else heads out to canvas the parent votes. During the walk home, Wakaba asks why Hinata lied to her mom. Sleeping on the same bed, the two girls complain about how small the bed is and how each is crowding the other. D this drama is amazing, so i started to compare k-dramas and j-dramas yet found that -generally speaking- although the acting and the overall drama gives the feeling of a manga in j-dramas, it always feels so sincere, i mean the feelings are really sincere that always touch the hearts of audience: Hinata is happy, saying this is just like Wakaba described to her. The triple A guy she has in mind walks up right at that moment.

Wakaba thinks he can look at it that way. She suddenly gets a call from Shindo. She accepts, though Soyoko wonders if perhaps Wakaba is trying to forget someone. If she told a lied, all she needs to do is tell the truth and apologize. Hinata just rolls her eyes at the oblivious Wakaba and goes into class. She decides to tell him the truth, because this is the first declaration of love in her entire life. Sakuragawa sensei finds out from Wakaba that Hinata volunteered to take on the role that no one else wanted. The kids go practice for their play.

Oh, yes, you are a wish-giving fairy, you said. Learn how your comment data is processed. I think Hinata and Wakaba have already taught each other many things about life through spending time together, and sometimes they do impart nuggets of wisdom to each other.

The emotions it elicits are very gentle, the laughter not forced or manic, the sweetness not manufactured or excessive.



Piitaro watches and murmurs that a love rival has appeared. Shota asks Wakaba for her help, because there are many parents still vehemently opposed.

Zenkai Girl – Episode 5. He puts Piitaro to bed and looks contemplative. Keep working on that magic…as all your wishes are just waiting to be granted zenmai well.

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D and little Wakaba is such a strong child!!! I had been on my Korean Drama spree for quite a bit. Shota runs after her, but not before apologizing to Soyoko that he likes someone else. Shota sits outside and reads a letter from a Ririka, sent from New York. Very big fan of Koala and Zenkai Girl. She thinks back to her kiss with Shota, making bento, him picking up the fallen bento, watching him cook, their argument in the elevator, mud wrestling.

The kids happily go outside to play in the mud as Wakaba and Shota look on. Its been a while since something piqued my interest in terms of Jdrama. Shindo is driving a hung over Wakaba home. Shota takes her into his arms and lets her cry. Shindo politely excuses himself and leaves. Soyoko arrives and grabs Wakaba into a conference room.

Gril decides to tell him the truth, because this is the first declaration of love in her entire life. But she notices that her mother is not here. Shota says she should just the feeling of warmth and happiness seep into her.

The school performance starts with the kids singing a song about rock-paper-scissors. Subscribe Subscribe to DramaCool mailing list to receive updates on anime and news.

I want Shota to achieve his dreams, and still care for Piitaro and find an awesome woman who loves him, i. Wakaba thinks he can look at it that way. Yeah…definitely watched the first three episodes this evening because of your recaps. Piitaro will be the prince, but Wakaba hears that Hinata was offered the role of the princess but asked instead to play the witch.


The daddies leave zenkal behind the watch the kids while everyone else heads out to canvas the parent votes. Wakaba grabs her stuff and runs off, apologizing for interrupting. Shindo invites Wakaba to his house to sample some of his wine collection.

Wakaba thinks to herself that all of his dreams are her dreams.

Shota puts Piitaro to bed and the kid tells his dad to go confess his yirl towards Wakaba. She was one who taught him how to cook.

The foursome end up sleeping side-by-side on the floor. I want Wakaba to achieve her dreams, but I also want her to do it and have her happily ever after with a great guy who loves her, i. The family interactions are more interesting than the OTP, which says something to me because I really do enjoy Wakaba and Shota together. Shota says playing with dirt lets the kids get close to nature. Wakaba demurs, though she mentions how Hinata appears to care about her more after the bento incident.

He still insists on giving it to her despite the daddies objections. Wakaba hides and listens to the conversation.