Just then he receives a message on his Pager from Gayatri: All articles with close paraphrasing Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Parsi people from Mumbai Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 20th-century Indian actresses Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Programs currently broadcast by Zee TV. Cleanup tagged articles without a reason field Member feedback about Amit Kumar: Meanwhile,Ashish lands himself in a soup by promising his frien Billu a treat and then trying to raise around Rs. Indeed, she tells Avinash that she had taken the initiative to call Rohit and congratulate him on winning an award that he had always aspired to. Lahiri joined BJP in

Shivani joins him and intuition tells her he is unhappy. Vicky and Neelofer are bowled over by Rohit but when they ask Shivani for her opinion, she is lost in her own world! Torn between her brother and lover, Shivani reveals her dilemma to Rohit who asks her if she has the guts to defy Raju and elope! Rohit s reply moves Shivani as he confesses that it certainly can t be more than a man s character! Bappi Lahiri topic Alokesh Lahiri, better known as Bappi Lahiri is a veteran Indian singer, composer, actor and record producer. Just then Rohit surprises them by entering and inviting himself and Gayatri for dinner at Vicky s home that night.

Shivani is annoyed with Avinash for insisting on staying on in Mumbai instead of shifting to the green city of Bangalore! He admits that when in her company, he forgets the whole world and wishes the rain of anguish could wash away all her memories too! Rohit is surprised to learn that Shivani has taken up a job. Her claim that he hasn t been able to forget her even now, rankles him and he asks her if she would be happier if they shifted to another town?

Sailaab is an Indian television series that was directed by Ravi Rai [1] and was broadcast on Zee TV from to Indeed, she tells Avinash that she had taken the initiative to call Rohit and congratulate him on winning an award that he had always aspired to.

Rohit, is an aspiring novelist and writer who soon dicovers how cruel this city of dreams can be. Once again, Shivani recalls her engagement to Avinash and how she had joked about it to Rohit! He finally manages to con Pinky by telling her a sob story and borrows Rs.


Upset, he walks home under the scorching sun when Vicky and Shivani join him. A realistic tale of love and broken relationships”. She emphasizes that at this stage in their life, they have several responsibilities, several dependents, they can t afford to overlook. Though Rohit refuses to believe that he would change once fame came his way, Shivani tells him she, being human, could change and marry someone else!

Vicky invites Rohit for a get-together of old friends at his home but is taken aback when his old pal refuses to come as he wants to avoid Shivani. He confides in Ajay that all the money he had brought with him got over just yesterday and this morning his mother sent him money along with a letter.

Rohit makes himself at home in Ajay s company flat, and talks about his ambition to become rich and famous!

Sailaab (TV series)

Flashback continues and Aakash opines it s futile to spend on Ashish s education as he s just not interested! Raju Kher is an Indian actor and director. He started his career as a lead actor but found more success with supporting and negative roles and received a Filmfare nomination for the Best Performance in a Negative Role for Yes Boss Cleanup tagged articles without a reason field Pancholi first came to limelight with a supporting role in Maha-Sangram Wxtch love for each other is as strong as ever, and they start seeing each other often, though in a platonic way.

As he prepares to operate, he meets Avinash and can t help notice the dramatic change in his behaviour the moment he mentions having spent his first night in Mumbai with Rohit. Returning to the present, Seema asks Shivani how did she feel meeting Rohit after such a long gap adding that she had wwtch liked him even before he became so successful!

He rationalizes that maybe he would have done the same thing had his daughter rebelled against him! In fact, he had prepared his speech to be given on the day he received his first award! The title track is called Apni Marzi Se [3]. Zee TV television series Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings. It was based on a poem by poet Nida Fazli.


She had gone to boost his morale seria an important interview and predicted a bright, shining future for him when his name would be on every filmlover s lips only to find him emerge crestfallen, almost broken after the interview that went off disastrously. However, he cheers up Nilu and Vicky by promising to host the next get-together at his home!

Shortly after reaching office, Shivani gets a call from Rohit and he offers to exchange their bags that got mixed at department store! This leads Vicky to feel that when the storm strikes this time it will be little short of devastatating for both of them!

However, she changes her tune quickly and advises her to marry Avinash and make Raju happy. Shivani is upset with Vicky for lying to her about attending the award function adding that she was thrilled at Rohit s victory!

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Years later, when the ex-lovers meet again, love rekindles and they start seeing each other. While bliss reigns in Shivani s home, Pinky s innocent queries test Gayatri s patience and she refuses to answer why she doesn t meet Shivani more often like she used to. At one such function arranged by a Bengali actor named Uttam Kumar, the audience continued requesting encores. As Shivani walks home from college Ashish first tries serizl scare her by making weird sounds and then asks zwe for a loan Rs.

Rohit tells Vicky he can t attend his party as he s leaving for his honeymoon with Gayatri to Lonavla that night. Vijay reads between the lines but Seema is genuinely glad for Rohit having seen him struggle to reach where he has! We glimpse Rohit at work shooting for as film and perhaps the only discordant note is struck by Seema who happens aee meet Rohit chatting with Gayatri s parents and granny outside their residence while waiting for Ashish to change.

Sailaab – Episode 12 – Full Episode.