Distant Sky is about a boy who wakes up in a destroyed, dark, Gangnam. Thriller Chiller Various Artists Stories that crawl up and down your spine. Despite the somewhat cliched premise, this becomes surprisingly psychological, especially when it concerns fear. I hope you’re not afraid of bugs. Already from the first episode it’s morally ambiguous. The gore is enough to make this a horror, but when the Webtoon focuses on the impact of war and death on the students and their crumbling sanity is when it truly becomes a thriller masterpiece. Which genres do you like? My next and sadly last genre recommendation will be slice of life.

Technically not a Webtoon, but a manhwa you can find it completed on Tapastic, but you can find the first season on several manga sites , this could be several different genres, like thriller, fantasy, mystery, and romance. The title perfectly fits the Webtoon. Distant Sky Distant Sky is about a boy who wakes up in a destroyed, dark, Gangnam. Even if you are, you should still check out HIVE, an apocalyptic story where oxygen levels rise in leaps and bug sizes grow accordingly. National Dog Day Various Artists. Beneath the Surface – Rangddo Nov 7, likeit 8, They are all really scary and fun.

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My Favorite Webtoon Recommendations By Genre: Thriller

Who is the serial killer? This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Many of them eery, but some are even funny and sad. Many of them chi,ler more psychological horror than supernatural, or combine both to make it more thrilling. It really gives you more than just a chill.


Duty After SchoolIlkwon Ha, completed: Hair – Yoonjin Choi Nov 28, likeit 7, In some ways, that makes this hard to get into, but it’s worth it; the slow webtoln grows the suspense and makes the Timorem’s the fear inducing creatures sudden appearances so alarming. Apartment – Joana Oct 29, likeit 8, This is about Leon, a normal guy who behaves normally for the most part he doesn’t act like those horror movie charactersand how he becomes involved with Catharsis, the group that battles the Timorem.

With many twists and turns and many life and death encounters, this Webtoon will be sure to keep you on your feet!

You’ve already rated this. Read until episode three to find out.

Blackout – Minkyung Park Oct 17, thriler 13, July Wrap Up meltingpotsandothercalamities. The Voice of House – Currygom Nov 14, likeit 9, Email required Address never made public.

This site uses cookies. Just thought I would mention, all of these contain warnings for those who are pregnant women, elderly, or have weak hearts. Again, I really the characters. Webtoons is a site for both translated manhwa comics from Korea and self published comics.

You have been warned. Chiller is a collection webtlon thrillers. Well, they’re basically the Korean form of manga called manhwabut this sub-genre usually includes a scrollable vertical layout and colored panels too! Also, please vote for the best thriller Webtoon in this poll below. Chiller is meant to be read with the sound on.


The story can be somewhat confusing with very little information introduced in the beginning and flashbacks happening all over the place, but it makes sense if you just go with it and keep reading. But it can become very addicting. These ones aren’t so much scary in my opinion, but more thriller and chillee, even psychological.

It’s enough to inspire a phobia of bugs, especially wasps. But chilller worth reading because of the characters; they’re all well written and interesting, even the characters that aren’t terribly likable.

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Film – Subong Park Oct 30, likeit 9, Our main character, Lee, may suffer a bit from the typical main chillef in an apocalypse syndrome, but a lot of the other main characters he meets up with are pretty cool.

Have you tried the webtoon Twisted Dark? This Webtoon is almost interactive; it works chikler your senses to give you the feeling of suspense and fear. Neighbor – Sangmin Kim Oct 3, likeit 12, Other works by Various Artists.