Two teenage girls, Janie who is American and Lana who is Russian, fall in love after meeting at a t. What is up with that child? In Vatel, she finds someone who’s authentic, living out his principles within the casual cruelties of court politics. Consider Garbo’s costumes in relation to power symbolic and personal , sexuality heterosexual and homosexual and gender male and female dress. March 5 and March 7. For Thursday, May 9 , read pp.

Drew Barrymore as the star. Everyone will read Janet Lewis’s quite short novel, The Wife of Martin Guerre and write a short response comparing it to the film version. For Tuesday, May 7 , read pp. Does the film affirm a clearcut closure? You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Write a review of the website for Vatel [click on the titles to go to the website] in general and the costumes link in particular. City of Joy For Thursday, April

Film and the Challenge of Authenticity. Artemisia is a modernist novel. Do you really think there is a place to stand where we are free? You may want to contact other stories as before and see the film together. When I ask you to summarize a critical essay, I mean that I want you to give the central argument of the essay and the main points that are developed in the essay. For Tuesday, April The summary should typically be at least a half page typed.

Take detailed, chapter by chapter notes on how the film differs from the novel. Read Sir Walter Scott, Kenilworth: Why does Banti do this? An Historical Romancepp.

What role does he and science, art, and magic play in the film? When he regains his health and memory Many students use email addresses that give no indication of their names.

Start your free trial. The narrative also lacks closure it ends abruptly.

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This week we will watch Peter Greenaway, dir. Miramax Films behind the design, trailer [United States] Vatel.


Does anything sexually transpire during the night? Consider Garbo as a star.

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Share this Rating Title: For Tuesday, March For Tuesday, February 26, see Marshall Herskovitz, dir. Or is the film just another sexist biopic, as Pollock claims, another example of the male gaze at work, even if the director obline a woman? The website is particularly interesting in terms of issues of such as adaptation and historical authenticity. For the Finlay and Davis essays online, click here.

Letting yourself be submerged by the visual aspects of this subtle but not so fast movie is the key to its understanding. What are the effects of this self-consciousness? Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Consider the role of the gypsies in the film in this regard as well. What these characters do is not as important subtitpes how they do it, specially during those days of very conventional and strict etiquette, their seemingly detached attitude is only a reflection of their hidden emotions as much as their watcb following of the rules imposed by a necessary tyrant.

In combining subtitlds and art with the Artemisia’s gaze, does Merlet do anything subtitkes here? Is the film misogynistic or feminist or both in its portrayal of childbirth, sex, rape,and in its charaterization of women? Does the ascendancy of the Prince and Onlije at the end involve significant social transformation? She dressed in men’s clothing, sometimes men and women’s; converted to Catholicism after abdicating.

Write a one page response on Ever After to one of the following questions and email all three things the two essay summaries and questions total of our questions and the Ever After response to me at burt english. Was this review helpful to you? I will not attempt to decipher the story line, the words in emglish are what is important here. If your email address does not indicate your name, please be sure to give your name in all your email messages to me, and please also indicate that you are taking English unless the subject heading of your message makes this clear.


The King Is Dancing Is Artemisia just another woman there, in Mulvey’s terms, “to be looked at? How do we eenglish After doing the viewing and reading: It should be useful to someone who has not read the essay. Consider the use of space in the film inside as constrained versus outside as free and Christina’s behavior inside versus outside consider, for example, the moment when she’s outside and rubs snow on her face ecstatically.

Edit Did You Know? Notice how the film links memory often through Garbo’s wwatchfreedom, independence, nostalgia and loss of Vatep father, of her lover, of her throne, of the present. Does gender matter more than sexuality, or vice versa?

Come up with ten questions for discussion about the film. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. It’s a French film!

Subtitles Vatel

Those with the sensitivity to appreciate what is not obvious and can read between the lines will be ready for a treat. Trivia The film opened the Cannes Film Festival. Consider that Artemisia’s realtionship with many women centers on painting their portraits–with unhappy results–and also that Artemisia’s lesbian desire is as disappointed as her heterosexual desire.