Whether it’s the sight of Reynolds squeezed painfully into a football uniform or the endless footballs-to-the-crotch and tired gay jokes, The Longest Yard has the feeling of mutton dressed as lamb. Filme poco pretencioso que no busca otra cosa que no sea entretener. Critics Of “The Longest Yard “. The pleasure is entirely like eating cake made from cake mix. Paul “Wrecking” Crewe Adam Sandler was once a famous professional football player, but after several years out of the limelight and an alcohol problem have taken their toll, Crewe is arrested for a serious traffic accident aggravated by the fact he was drunk. Apr 16, Rating: Walter Williamson as Errol Dandridge. Michael Irvin as Deacon Moss.

With the help of fellow prisoner Caretaker Chris Rock , Crewe recruits the heaviest hitters from the cell block for the team, but the guys don’t play like a unit until Crewe and Caretaker get some help from Nate Scarborough Burt Reynolds , a former college and NFL coach doing hard time. Burt Reynolds as Coach Nate Scarborough. Who in their right mind would say no to this??!! A brutal game of football in a very basic looking arena with no frills, it was believable. Bob Sapp as Switowski. May 26, Rating:

It’s not like you don’t know how it’s going to turn out, or how it tasted the last time you ate it. And Crewe’s right-hand man ‘Caretaker’ is played by Chris Rock; who spends most of his screen time making jokes about vioox boys because apparently that’s all he can do.


So you have to wonder why they crapped all over it, starting with the casting. And when I say its a remake I mean its literally a scene for scene remake, but now a vehicle for Adam Sandler.

It is a slightly updated, but fairly faithful remake of the film of the yzrd name. No uplifting populism here. Twas like watching amateur dramatics half the time. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Chris Rock is about as good as you’d expect. Steve Austin as Guard Dunham.

Hollywood these days is stuck in a rut where three types of films account for nearly every film they release. Adapted from Robert Aldrich’s box-office smash of the same name, The Longest Yard also features rap star Nelly ths Nicholas Turturro; the film has previously been loosely remade in as Mean Machine, with the action moved to England and the game changed to soccer. Apr 16, Rating: Eugene Bernabe Super Reviewer.

The next problem I had with this is Sandler and the fact he’s just not believable as an ex-pro footballer. There is no real tension or drama, that aspect has been totally jettisoned. It’s not like you don’t know how it’s going to turn out, or how it tasted the last time you lonfest it. Creators of “The Longest Yard “. Admittedly Reynolds wasn’t overly convincing to look at either but at least he looked relatively fit. Tracy Morgan as Ms.


The Longest Yard

Bill Romanowski as Guard Lambert. Allen Covert as Referee. I was truly impressed with Nelly and Michael Irvin. David Goyer to Direct “Magneto”. Gallery of “The Longest Yard “.

Dalip Singh as Turley. View All Critic Reviews Michael Papajohn as Guard Papajohn.

Prisoners vs guards in a game of football. Everyone involved with this remake claims the utmost respect for Robert Aldrich’s raucously funny original. Edward Bunker as Skitchy Rivers.

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We find Crewe with his rich girlfriend, living in her luxurious pad. Hazen had organized his guards into an impressive football team, and clears a healthy profit by taking bets on their games. Rob Schneider as Punky. Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth. So straight away I’m thinking this character is an idiot for throwing this away the hot yarf and her assets.