I mean “on” Toho’s studios yet? G-cells released by Biollante when it dissolved and went into space and floated around and went through a black hole. Godzilla Godzilla Matthew Broderick Godzilla. Don’t expect a star wars. The action, minus the scene on Birth Island, gets tiring because it’s mostly just blasting and no physical contact, but the film does have its moments. He is just full of colors. The upper body and head were fine but the thighs were immense, making Godzilla look either morbidly obese or like he’s suffering from elephantiasis.

Was your son traumatized by this? Miki Saegusa, the telepath that sympathizes with Godzilla, returns in what is probably her biggest role in the Hensei series, supporting the Monster King every step of the way. Cut now outside, where jug-eared Miki is sitting alone on a bench. Birth Island, of course, is where Godzilla and Little Godzilla reside, though we never hear the actual name of the island in this movie, we’re just supposed to know it. I believe that is the primary reason why so many have come to despise this picture. Godzilla is also in good form in this picture.

To keep the names straight, I’ll refer to him as spacegodzilpa for the rest of this review. Other than to give the movie goers in Beppu something to yell at the screen about, I see no reason for this detour. Everyone runs down to the beach to see that it is Minya, haplessly stumbling along the sand, stepping on mines left and right.

A number of notes here. Miki was instructed to use her powers to control Godzilla, hopefully, lessening his attacks on Japan. That was uncalled for! This one seemed to drag on forever before we got to the real action. Our green guy is now sighted in Kagoshima Bay, which is at godzillx southern end of Kyushu, about miles south of Fukuoka.

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The music here, by the way, is strongly similar to Harrison Ford’s theme in the Indiana Jones movies. This force swoops in a Why would anyone let their boat anywhere near that monster fight? We can also see a surfaced submarine in the middle background.


The Mothra fairies are now back, and tell Miki that she’s the bomb. I like his enemies as well but Godzilla is the Icon!

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Spacegpdzilla Godzilla was ready for release in Japan in early December, The helicopter comes back for them, strangely carrying Blair Brown as well. In what can only be described as an act of pure mutiny, Stud jumps up and punches Maverick unconscious!!!! How did they spacegofzilla him, when we just got several minutes of him running like a banshee ahead of Godzilla?

Once having crested the mountain, they’re surprised to see in the plain three large crystalline structures, dug into the earth like punji sticks in a tiger trap.

Then in trying to kill him they try to bring him under control using telekinesis. In that movie he was more of a miniature Godzilla, in this one he is a Pokemon toy with big, googly eyes and made-for-merchandising plump little limbs. Sniff, sniff, I’m gonna cry.

The meeting adjourned, we follow Commander Aso the military head of G-Force outside where he meets Maverick, now cleaned up and in his G-Force class A uniform. That said, Godzilla seems to be deliberately taking the long, scenic route to the battle. This is a bad design, akin to having a tank’s main gun mounted in a cardboard turret. Commander Aso, at least five ranks above Major Maverick, seems to be almost begging Maverick to help him.

Sounds great, but all we see them have here are a single Type 89 rifle firing standard 5. It’s somehow protected by a form of Space Godzilla’s force field, perhaps the massive amount of crystal energy flowing around it is deflecting Godzilla’s attacks.

Biotechnologist Chinatsu Gondo is played by the lovely Towako Yoshikawa, appearing in her only Godzilla movie.

Back again to the island, where Miki has a nice moment with Little Godzilla, who she seems to form an attachment for.

TokyoVigilante, I demand that you watch Godzilla vs. The first battle sequence between Moguera and SpaceGodzilla shows them in space, which gave us a very bad special effect of big, white plastic chunks of rocks. Maverick has the look of a killer about him, yes, but the other two just don’t craclke like the best choices for a rescue mission.


Perhaps he had to run some errands before the battle. We see him make a series of low passes over a number of cities, his EMP effects causing widespread electrical power loss in the areas he flies over.

No, but I always get involved. They’re not as bad as in some dubbed movies, but they don’t sound natural, either, which is sometimes distracting. Where did this come from? Suddenly, Slacker is jumped by a man with a knife who somehow managed to sneak up on them. Motivation matters not, as Space Godzilla “powers up” from the crystal pits, electrical current arcing from them to his shoulder crystals.

The cast and crew credits are overlaid on a scene of a newly constructed robot being put through its paces in a huge factory.

In the next cut we see Godzilla wading ashore, the Japanese military now gone, never to return for the rest of this movie.

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Getting ready for the new Godzilla, I decided to revisit as many of the old ones as I could. When the robot went to space to fight the monster the first spaceyodzilla, no one bothered to go and get them from the island, right? I’m guessing that the film crew basically just gives a yen note to anyone willing to run down the street in a mob while they film them, and not everyone is “in character”.

Considering that she is nearly in love with Godzilla, Govzilla don’t see her allowing him to be used that way. This time he knocks it over and it crashes to the ground in a massive cloud of debris and smoke.

Back to our humans.