Working on his bedroom Making a potion dispenser in the Nether Visiting the costume shop and requesting items at Trader jr. Experimenting with invisibility potions Caving Fighting Wither skeletons. Working on the market Looking for zombies Finding and renovating jsano’s gift Building another house. Continuing work on his game, talking about his upcoming trip to Portugal Caving. Season 2 took place in a world that started in December , six months prior to when VintageBeef joined Mindcrack. Retrieved from ” http: New intro Caving for resources and xp Building a barn and experimenting with different details Having his sword disappear after using it to block an arrow Making a cow pasture.

Deciding on brick with wool lining in use in his indoor walls and the inside cover of his outside walls Playing music to footage of him adding a second floor and grand staircase to his home. Caving, including finding a diamond and conquering a dungeon Expressing a desire to start a new map with a new skin, and opening up a contest for a new skin to his subscribers. Building another house in the village on his lily pad Visiting Zisteau’s map room and the Doc Shop Curing a zombie villager. The logo of the Ottawa Senators , a hockey team Beef dislikes, above his lily pad. Although he is a fan of The Apprentice , Beef says he would not support Donald Trump in his presidential campaign. Detailing and finishing his nether shop, The Nether Brick. This page was last modified on 18 September , at Investigating snapshot features Continuing to work on the Nether path leading to his jungle.

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An update on the castle cleanup Continuing to work on the village blacksmith Discussing pets he’s had and the dog he’d like. Discussing maps Starting a mineshaft in the village.

Giving a tour of mcgamer’s, Millbee’s, Mhykol’s and Nebris’ builds on the server.

Final details of his apartment Expanding the walkway and adding a farm outside his house. Introduction to Season 5 Exploring the world, talking possible plans for his first build, mining for basic materials Trading with Etho.

Working on the inn in the spawn village Looking around the spawn village Discussing his fan server. Caving Finding a “whirlpool” drop in the ocean Getting jungle wood for his cocoa farm Talking about his Feed the Beast series Romeo the zombie and Juliette the villager Showing progress on the barn and pasture Working on the muddy road.


VintageBeef’s first project on the Season 4 map is a massive sea fortress nicknamed the Lilly pad. Transporting villagers Talking about the lost episode Mining Nether quartz and experimenting with the new blocks. Constructing a giant obsidian kraken attacking VintageBeef’s jungle village. Beef at MineCon Discussing plans for the mine Luring pigs to the jungle island. ABBA Rules caving with some additional rules.

Mystery of the Time Keeper. Playing “paintball” in vontagebeef Guudeland arena.

Skin from the MindCrack basketball game. Sharing plans for a new build Laying out the circumference of the build, starting to excavate the area. Finding Anderz’ iceberg, adventuring through the ice cave Trolling Pause and Mhykol with invisibility potions, claiming a second plot in Chunk City.

This page was last modified on 6 Septemberat Discussing the interpretation of the Death Games rules Helping Pause kill a a whither at his base Using TNT to enlarge the hole Pause is excavating and setting up the beacon. Retrieved from ” http: Remodeling the mooshroom pen Working on stairs beside church Searching for cats that were buried in front of his castle. Competitive caving with Anderz Looking at what Anderz and Pyro are selling in their shops.

After the fight, the entire group engaged in free-for-all to determine who would obtain the last Nether Star. Touring changes in the village Adding a kitchen to his village home. Other projects included a steampunk village at an extreme hills biome and an evil castle on an island. Investigating snapshot features Continuing to work on the Nether path leading to his jungle.

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Building a mindcracl house in the new village. Discussing his excitement for the new map Talking about the joke contest and his new puppy Removing the rail for the balloon villager and working on the subway entrance Adding village lighting. Please use the talk page for contact. Upon the announcement of the second contest for entry into the Mindcrack ServerBeef submitted a video showing off a museum of various Mindcrack references and builds.

Please use the talk page for contact. Searching for a jungle Building a jungle house. Discussing villager breeding, door placement and mob spawning rules Moving villagers Talking about UHC 9. Searching for a stronghold with Pause and Baj. Visiting Mhykol’s blaze farm, Kurt’s taiga cabin Working on the exterior of his house.

Giving vintagebedf tour of The Elusive Chicken Showing the new house and reed farm in the jungle village Reading and accepting Zisteau’s declaration of a caving war Making a cow market. Taking some of his horses back from Guude Starting to build more buildings in his western town Caving.


Nebris contributed two of the skulls with SethBling adding the third. Caving Answering questions about interesting places visited, type of kid, musical instruments, have they been recognized by their voice, moving to a country, celebrity crush, what would happen if he and Anderz lived together and what they would like to do if they weren’t doing YouTube.

Featuring PauseUnpause and W92Baj. Leaving and making a portal to another cave Finding a dungeon with a name tag Returning to the island where he saw the horse Trying to save a village Selecting a place to start his ranch. Caving Exploring a mineshaft Answering question about the Jonas brothers, tattoos, biomes, hockey players, showing his face, pop tarts, sports, the oldest vehicle his family has, Bubba eating, first concert, favorite gum, weirdest Twitter messages, MineCon and his favorite band as a kid.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Showing how things look in the realism and faithful texture packs Touring the castle tower and walls Working on the castle walls and tower. Left 4 Dead 2. Working on building his house in the village. Eating his birthday cake from Pyro Increasing his property value at the castle with a number of small improvement projects Adding a new roof to the castle Talking about someone impersonating him on Steam and plagiarizing his work on YouTube Mining redstone with a fortune pick to give away a copy of Minecraft and talking about how he chooses winners.

Working on making the zombie dungeon more functional. Returning to his house to discover that davmandavesupplemented by another MindCracker, had created a noise machine Cleaning up the prank and vowing revenge on davmandave and his uninvolved associate Kennedyzak.

Working on the tunnel through the mountain. This page has been accessed 16, times. Leaving Christmas gifts for members of Mindcrackers. Moving villagers to the farm stand and two story house.