We return again to the white hot podcast “Missing Richard Simmons. Click I Have iTunes to open it now. Was it a drunken misadventure? Explicit Dismissing Adnan’s charges? In a jam-packed episode, the panel drinks the hater-aid as they read some of their correspondence. Is Lighty’s life story strong enough to carry this series and can the podcast appeal to listeners unfamiliar with his music? After a semi-vacation over the summer, the crime writers are back weekly to talk about all things criminal – in real life and in pop culture.

Then in Crime of the Week: The Doctor and Rose show up randomly on a spaceship. Holmes, America’s First Serial Killer 3. Rebecca and the panel talk about the podcast ‘Undisclosed,’ which features Rabia Chaudry, Colin Miller, and Susan Simpson talking about the evidence and developments in Adnan’s case. The Doctor, Donna, and Martha get thrown onto a new planet where humans and hath are at war. It’s called Slow Burn, and if you want to hear our spoiler-free recommendation, you’ll want to skip to the Finally, you’ll be repeating the Crime of the Week over and over again. Season two and David Tennant.

One NY mayor helped his village’s street department out by taking home some “office supplies” from this day job. We get a love letter from Ireland and circle back to “West Cork” with a spoiler-full discussion about the prime suspect.

A Special Live Show.

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Plus, Kevin gives an inappropriate response to the Crime of the Week. We edited it for the podcast, so here’s the full version: The panel ee07 at full strength now that Lara managed to talk her way out of an arrest by the railroad police yes, there is such a thing.

Just when we were getting ready to see how Justin Ross Harris’s trial in the baby-in-the-hot-car homicide would play out, a twist no one saw coming. And then, Scientology doesn’t freak Pxrt out, but talking about it does. Time to send the parents to time out. The drama starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney combines white collar crime and redneck gothic.


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This episode the panel blitzes through a bunch of topics. Sponsors for this week: Lara picked the wrong week to go on vacation In true crime update, Curtis Flowers’s defense hopes to turn the tables on Doug Evans. Send your art and thoughts to: Fields – go to mrsfields. The song says “Don’t you forget about me,” but we might have forgotten about them.

Colleen and Cheryl discuss fur coats, snow Ood, house elves, servant ethics. Explicit The clock’s ticking on Adnan Syed’s case!

Our sponsors this week are Chris Gethard: Just a host spinning tales of musicians behaving very badly. Should we episofes the quality of a podcast story poorly told, yet effective at solving the crime?

Before we take a week off for school vacation thank you, children we’ll circle back to some important True Crime Updates.

Finding Cleo looks at the case of a girl both murdered and now missing. Get ready for the best episodee and analysis of the Serial podcast. In the Crime of the Week: We look back with our recommendations of the best things to watch, read, and listen to.

Grab your smartphone for the Crime of the Week. Also, we are on another planet, on another bus, with another dead person, and another alien.

AND talk about all sorts of great stuff. The Golden State Killer has been caught! What a bad vvictorious for Lara. No, it’s not Serial season three, but it sounds like a compelling story nonetheless – and Rebecca’s got a decent theory as to who will be telling it.


Also, has horror author Joe Hill solved the mystery of the “Woman in the Dunes” by watching “Jaws”? Want to hear our recaps episodss episodes ? Explicit A Conviction Podcast Review!

The Crime of the Week looks at the War on Christmas Grinch move or totes justified? Half way through, is it losing focus or hitting its stride. The gang crashes into an alternate London where there are lots of explosions and robots with human brains courtesy of a genius villain.

Then in crime of the week: Billed as the successor to “Dirty John,” reporter Laura Beil recalls the case of a doctor who performed a string of pu surgeries while the system was unable – or unwilling – to stop him. We also debut a brand new segment: Plus, a fake astronaut claps back on The Habitat, the podcast from Gimlet we reviewed last week. Is it possible that the Cincinnati Enquirer’s “Accused” podcast has replicated the secret sauce: Felix Gray Glasses – Get a pair at felixgrayglasses.

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Were they merely aggressive or provocative ways to get a killer to admit to their crimes? The Doctor makes a house call to a frightened little boy, who is an alien. This look at the fatal shooting of a motorist by a cop live-streamed on Facebook tackles the familiar themes of race, violence, and law enforcement training.