Time-Lapse Sequences Time-lapse sequences were still employed in Season 2, but with less frequency and regularity than Season 1. HeadsNo2 October 2, at Timescout March 2, at 2: A verification email has been sent to your new email address. You can watch season 2 alone. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I was rather disappointed that there was no more pretty blood in Season 2.

Haven’t found any dramas worth watching lately so I’m glad I checked this out, I really liked this first episode. Vampire Prosecutor 2 – Episode 4. If you want to do something with my blog, please contact me. Gone are the bowl cut and bangs, and the no-nonsense, boxy office suits. Thanks for the recap! Thankfully, what Season 2 lacks in terms of style, it more than makes up for in terms of character and relationship development.

It is that, and more. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Cynthia October 3, at 8: Wpisode out all the goodies just posted on our season 2 page: Tae-yeon smiles and pats her shoulder, but leaves without answering.

Review: Vampire Prosecutor 2

Timescout March 1, at 4: I was rather disappointed that there was no more pretty blood in Season 2. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

Here is the link to viki’s episode 6. Vampire Prosecutor 2, Episode Droll Tae Yeon, who is hilarious with his dead-pan face: So far so good, I like this drama! DF would be a godsend – I’d even be willing to pay for it – but alas not available in my region. I just watched the first episode, and it did remind me of Profiler, an American tv drama that I used to like.


You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Ani October 3, at 1: So happy to see a recap of this; I’m at uni so unable to watch drammacrazy myself. Nelly March 1, at 3: Plus I’m sure we will have 1 or 2 flash-backs.

Tae-yeon takes over and wraps up their case, leveling all the charges against the doctor, Oh Young-joo, and the orphanage director. I deliberately left him out of my review, in case I accidentally spoiled someone, but definitely, he was a compelling character with a context pprosecutor I could actually understand and even sympathize with.

It sounds really good and I’m sooooo excited to watch it.

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But school trumps entertainment especially when I’m taking out a lot of prosecutof for an education. Behind him, the hero swerves, crashes, and flips his episodee. The murder weapon was a barbecue fork.


Jo to drop the honorifics with him, asking that they become hyung-dongsaeng. Episodes by odilettante. Last season, the bromance was all about Tae Yeon and Soon Bum, but this season, just about everyone jumps on the bromance wagon, and adorably, Soon Bum is the one common factor through it all.

Vampire Prosecutor – 01 – video dailymotion

Way to turn a throwaway scene on its head, to become one of my favorite Soon Bum moments in the entire season. Things that othewise would not have bothered me much started to irritate more and more which lead to nitpicking until I finally gave up in frustration.

How can you do vampire stories in a fresh way at this point? There are safe ways to do this, but Dr.

With detection, looking for clues and solving puzzles etc rather than horror and bloodbaths for shock value. What about for those outside of the US?

I will check them out!