In the middle of the road the discovered markings left by the Mansi below left photo, these markings simply tell how many local hunters passed through this area and the family clan to which they belong. All these theories ignore the fact that only two bodies showed signs of undressing after they left the tent. Using their war experience they might have escaped from prison and they could have lived in Siberia for years. Soviet Union rarely showed so much dedication in search of common tourists. We sang all the songs that we know, learned new ones, everyone goes to sleep at 3 am. On the right are remains of the extinguished fire and a cedar that according to some tourists is still there. Let’s not forget that through much of the 50’s Soviet army was basically defenseless against American spy planes.

This is only a theory about strangulation, but facts about the loose horns, also there are the lesser horns on the hyoid bone The furnace was not assembled by the group on February 1st so it is possible to assume that the newspaper was done before the final ascent to the Kholat Syakhl. It was dated on 1st of February, although many believe it was written either late 31st of January or early 1st of February when the group slept in the forest. Subsequent investigation showed that one or two of the members left the tent to urinate outside of the tent. Pulsating orbs were seen repeatedly in January, February and March by students, geologists, natives and even local military at the Dyatlov Pass and its vicinity. In the course of investigation local Mansi tribes also appeared as suspects in the Dyatlov Pass Incident. This ring of Soviet nationals willing to work for capitalists was especially essential in remote regions of the Soviet Union where nuclear industry was being expanded and developed.

Someone comes up with an idea that we need a special notebook for ideas that we might come up with. Given the scenario described above it is plausible to assume that a group of former soldier or officers that were wrongfully accused of crimes against the state infamous article N58 at the end of the World War II.

It is hard to imagine such a comfort somewhere on the ridge, with a piercing wind, hundreds kilometers away from human settlements. They were offered metal breast plates to reduce casualty rate, but it had little effect in an overall picture. Mansi hunters with their dogs started to explore the mountain side and quickly discovered the body of Kolmogorova about meters from Dyatlov.


If you look at the picture of a body of Zolotarev you can notice a camera that hangs around his neck. On February 23rd group of Boris Slobcov was dropped near mount Otorten, a final destination for Dyatlov. Yragedia and searchers coming and going down the slope All, but three members had significant damage to their bones. When Yura Yudin approached him and asked about the conversation, Dyatlov simply answered that they will decide which path to take once they will get to river.

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And finally if you see on the pictures on February 1st on the left and February 26th according to Vadim Brusnicin who is diatlowaa on a slope of the mountain with his back toward the camera man on the right you can see part of the tourist gear that kept its vertical position on the slope weeks after the tragedy stroke. Giving medals to their sons, brothers and fathers would raise too many question on a legitimacy of such harsh treatment.

Somewhere along the way they were supposed to met “lost tourists” and share clothes as a token of good will.

On March 2nd three students and two Mansi hunters discovered a camp base in the Auspiya valley. First victims were Doroshenko and Krivonischenko who were left by the cedar to keep the fire going. It became evident that both tourists actually tried to make way from the tall cedar back to the tent, but didn’t make it all the way.

Nevertheless Igor Dyatlov and his group set up a tent on a empty slope of the Kholat Syakhl mountain. Kirilenko, member of the Soviet Congress, along with his advisor A.

Those who observed the students did not report any difficulty in locating members on the mountain side. They might have looked for the Dyatlov Group in the forest, so they missed the return of the tourists to the cedar, but once they heard voices they probably came back and finished off the remaining students and young professionals. He mentions four signs of distinction in his official biography- resume, but he doesn’t describe the circumstances or even location of military actions which yearned him these distinctions. – Filmy online ,album i gra peb download.

Prosecutor of Ivdel, Vasily Ivanovich Tempalov, discovered another body just meters from the cedar. They knew that chances of freezing to death is more likely than getting killed by an avalanche. Trageedia visibility due to wind and snow is an important aspect, since this could significantly impact the movement of the group during the incident.


This could damage the tent and create havoc among tourists who were suddenly trapped underneath several feet of snow.

: “The Dyatlov Pass Incident, “: cars, bikes, trucks and other vehicles

It was a common way to survive winters at the front and given the circumstances it offered the best chance for survival for those who remained behind waiting in hope that their three friends will make it to the top of the mountain. Pulsating orbs were seen repeatedly in January, February and March by students, geologists, natives and even local military at the Dyatlov Pass and its vicinity.

The sentences and events behind them apparently meant more for the people who were describing them. Of course they were few people who simply excaped the camp and didn’t want to move back to their former homes because there they had highter chances of getting caught by the Secret Police. fil,

Tajemnica tragedii na Przełęczy Diatłowa – Vidéo dailymotion

Its faint borders and unclear objects make it impossible to determine what was really pictured. The film was damaged by water the question remains: Just a few words to remember.

Test site consists of a pad, levelled by snow, the bottom of which are contains 8 pairs of skis for tent support and insulation. Judging by the remains near the bodies it fipm concluded that young men and women managed to start a fire, but failed to sustain it for extended period of time.

Firstly the group diary had no entries on this date which suggest the group was either too tired or too scared from their trip. Now we should start discussing this plausible theory from the point of view of the native Mansi population that lived near Dyatlov Pass for centuries.

About the same time Soviet armed forces did launch several space rockets from Baykanur base, chief base for Soviet Space program that is still in use today.