Because—” “No,” I said loudly. So that, in one sentence, is how my publisher sums up This Lullaby, my new novel. She does it with her original story, told in Remy’s unique voice. Plus it was a struggle to get through at times because I wasn’t in the mood the genre. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It couldn’t have been more obvious had she come right out and said it. Her brother becomes engaged to his girfriend, and Remy and her mother discover that husband number five has been cheating. Not that there’s anything wrong with being Type A.

Monkey is the best fictional dog ever, I wish I could meet Monkey in real life. Not that we have been really hurt before of course I’m not sure about when you read this, but as of this writing, we’re both single since birth and there’s still no one on the horizon — but only God knows what’s in store for the future , but we’ve definitely seen enough people get hurt so much that we don’t want to experience that, ever. It’s Edit May You are commenting using your Twitter account. Based on the model of her mother who is busy with husband number five in the beginning of the book , Remy has a lot of boyfriends. What exactly did she want from these relationships?

Her books may follow similar path, but each of it remains unique and special. A natural chemistry, if you will. Paperbackpages. But what she learns—what we all learn, eventually—is lullabh the living is in the leaping. Remy’s latest guy, Dexter, isn’t buying into her plan. I would recommend you to read This Lullaby during summer time because then you can also experience dessfn humid, hot summer nights when Remy and Dexter fall with each other. This is my third book by Ms. But there’s something about Dexter that seems to defy all of Remy’s rules.


This Lullaby

Language was a bit of a problem as well, but upon reading more and more Sarah Dessen, it seems that she has no problem with adding words here and there. How will it all end? Books of the Week. I love the diet coke thing that they do, it is hilarious.

In Sarah’s Words

Okay, so it’s obvious now that I just hate Remy. I just got her. You are definitely not. There are little twists here and there that carry the book toward the end.

Synopis you haven’t read This Lullaby yet, stop what you’re doing right now and freaking read it!! Truth Squad, of course is just as quirky and disfunctionally perfect as any band starting out, and I love them with all my heart. He just blindly accepted everything which made me really sad.

I’m sad now but in a good way.

Detailed Review Summary of This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

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I will say that the ending was perfect and I enjoyed it but. Remy can be stubborn, close-minded, and cold, but she’s also vulnerable and the most important thing is that she knows she has flaws, she knows the way in which she has always related to people, the shell that she has created to protect herself, is not always healthy.

Paperback – pages – The great thing about this young woman is that she is an authentic person. Her mother has been married countless times, so Remy doesn’t believe in love anymore, seeing how her mother’s marriages fail every time. Remy is a dating machine. Refresh and try again. And not to mention John Miller’s relationship with Dexter.


Besides the characters and the plot, I think the novel teaches readers a very important point about life. They would keep bothering her to do something in order for them to get their way. He was just as mess. It’s not like she was raped. What made her clean up her act and abandon her promiscuous life style and drug use?

Remy’s family and friends are a very loveable group of characters and their development is flawless. Well, he’s clumsy and messy and doesn’t tie his shoes, so he can’t possibly ever be a husband.

Dexter changes Remy throughout the course of the whole book, and it’s for the better. Love is putting up with someone’s bad qualities because they somehow complete you. However, the scenes are handled tastefully. Jul 07, emma rated it liked it Shelves: I hope that we both find an ending similar to Remy’s in This Lullaby. So I thought I would share what I took away from ‘This Lullaby’, what makes it a worthwhile read in my opinion.

I really like it that what starts the relationship is always offer of kindness and friendship. Basically, this is a story about faith.