John 5 episodes, The revelation sends her searching for the truth. Ben McKittrick 3 episodes, In the series opener, a Virginia high-school student, Elena Nina Dobrev , falls for a new boy Paul Wesley in class who is actually a centuries-old vampire struggling to live peacefully among humans. Mary Louise 11 episodes, Vampire 1 1 episode, Beau 7 episodes, Pretty Girl 1 episode,

Edit Storyline Prophetic dreams about the mysterious fourth coffin lead Bonnie and Elena to a surprising source, while Tyler seeks help to break free from Klaus’ bond so he can be with Caroline. Founders Council Member uncredited 1 episode, ER Doctor 1 episode, Papa Petrova 3 episodes, Full Cast and Crew. It prompts Elena to ask Stefan questions he refuses to answer and forces him to take action against his brother. Watch our trailer of trailers. Student in Graduation uncredited 1 episode,

Abby Bennett Wilson Daniel Gillies Elena learns the truth about how Stefan and Damon became vampires back inand Stefan struggles with whether he wants to continue to live. Young Girl 1 episode, Monique 6 episodes, Civil War Vampire uncredited 1 episode, Silas 3 episodes, Traveler Ritual Participant uncredited 1 episode, Liam Davis 6 episodes, Male Victim 1 uncredited 1 episode, Restaurant Patron uncredited 1 episode, Student 1 uncredited 1 episode, Tbe Ties That Bind 19 Jan Esther Mikaelson 6 episodes, Tony 2 episodes, Isobel Flemming 6 episodes, Boy uncredited 1 episode, Would it be to save his friends?


Vampire 1 1 episode, Old Ciaries 2 episodes, Meredith Fell 12 episodes, Nurse uncredited 1 episode, Funeral Friend uncredited 1 episode, Stefan joins the football team after an impressive athletic display involving catching and throwing. Passing Traveler uncredited 1 episode, Reverend 1 episode, Council Member 1 episode, Chuck 1 episode, Bloody Townsperson uncredited 1 episode, Lizzie Saltzman 17 episodes, Pastor Young 2 episodes, Amanda 1 episode, Female Bartender uncredited 1 episode, Trish uncredited 1 episode, Memorial Attendee uncredited 1 episode, Disgruntled Tourist uncredited 1 episode, Rose 6 epusode, A stranger tells Elena that he recognizes Stefan from when Gampire uncle was killed by a wild animal.

Tiki 1 episode, Pretty Girl 1 episode, Lily Salvatore 18 episodes, Deputy Adams 1 episode, Shaman 2 episodes, Bachelor Party Guest uncredited 1 episode, Mystic Grill Mourner uncredited 1 episode, Husband uncredited 1 episode, Juanita 1 episode, Meanwhile, Bonnie learns the truth about Ben, and Anna searches for the Gilbert journal that holds the secret to opening Katherine’s tomb. Mystic Falls uncredited 1 episode, Season 1, Episode 20 April 29, Art Professor uncredited 1 episode, Young Woman 1 episode, Trudie Peterson 1 episode, Business Man 1 episode, Jessica Cohen 1 episode, Patient uncredited 1 episode, Most Gorgeous Male Vampire.