Candi-Rose and Sasha start getting along while they make an octopus sand sculpture. A community support officer intercepts Sally. Mo’s last appearance was in the Series 4 finale “Two For Joy”. He later became good friends with Candi-Rose. When they leave, Danny approaches them and ask if they know Frank before warning them that if they see him, tell him that he wants his money. Bird decided to tell the truth about the hitting, meaning May-Li was off the hook. The manager says he needs them to prove they are 18 before he can give them the money. Share this Rating Title:

When Tee Mia McKenna-Bruce and Kazima Akuc Bol attend a fun day whilst the others go to a theme park, it turns out to be boring, so they decide to go home. Some time afterwards, when Liam came to the Dumping Ground to look for Frank, Mo answered to door to him. The following day, he, Harry and Floss with whom he had become friends with by this point were watching the TV when Faith ordered them out to watch a film. Sally and Tyler realise the need to get to know each other and Sally accepts the young people and staff are family too. Solly and Cass want their money back and Razz tells them he hasn’t got it, hinting that Frank has taken it, however, it turns out Razz had it all along. Tee and Mo confronted Ryan, who lied that he had not moved the purses. A car came out of nowhere and knocked down Mischief.

Harry and Finn tell May-Li what their foster home was like.

“The Dumping Ground” Jody in Wonderland (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

Archie tends to get on well with everyone. However, Billie is unwilling and runs away. Sally and Tyler realise the need to get to know each other and Sally accepts the young people and staff are family too.

She decides to help Edward stand up to his father and Mr Umbleby is annoyed with Edward spending time with Kazima and playing his guitar. This may have been distance himself from difficult situations outside.

Jody tells the others she needs the presents back as they belong to Kingsley, who has no idea she has got them. He also best friends with Finn, Archie and Dexter. Meanwhile, after fifty locusts escape from Mo’s care, he decides it’s the right time to give away his talentless snake.


Jody had a angry moment in Mike’s office then suddenly a rabbit appeared and Jody followed it in a world she never be there before.

Both girls end up lying to make themselves sound better. Alex spent about 2 years of the street, and ended up becoming friends with an old man, who was also homeless, called George.

This was thw to a stop again, when Mike found everyone in the attic questioning Jay and Bird.

Sasha is filmmaker who comes to Ashdene Ridge to make a training video for social workers. Frank has joyd spending a lot of time at Ashdene Ridge recently, and when his friends pop round to his flat for a visit they uncover dumpign shocking truth – Frank is living on the streets after being conned out of his money and getting into debt.

When Kelly hints on about being skint, Sasha tells her that she can’t help her anymore. However, when Mischief comes back to Ashdene Ridge, it soon becomes clear that he is very unruly — but Bailey must train him, or he will be put down.

Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Candi-Rose was much more enthusiastic than usual as she had never had a trip to the beach before. She wants to be a distance runner when she grows up, but a car crash incident in “Booting Up” temporarily halts her plans. Season 2 Episode 0. In “Who Are You?

In “Sasha Bellman P. Mrs Underwood and Tyler later scare Mike Connor Byrne and Mrs Underwood mentions to Tyler that if he did get fostered, it wouldn’t change the contact he would have with his mum. Chanelle thanks Tyler for his gifts after she found them and she helps Tyler construct his magic crate to help him with his disappearing trick.

On learning that Frank had gone missing, Mo, Floss and Harry waited for birds to poo on them, thinking that the lucky bird poo would lead to Frank being found.

“The Dumping Ground” Jody in Wonderland (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Before Lily’s goodbye barbecue started there was a knock at the door, Mo answered it and was alarmed to see two policemen. When Kingsley arrives home, Carmen and Tyler hide in Jody’s room and Kingsley is angry when he finds the door unlocked and Carmen’s mobile phone, thinking it’s Jody’s and he locks Jody in her bedroom. May-Li helps Archie Jethro Baliba when he injures himself and Archie offers to help May-Li do a border in the garden, coming up with plans, and Archie denies to Ryan that he has got May-Li confused as a mum.


Lou and Ange are potential adoptive parents for Sasha Annabelle Davis. Peter and Janet are the parents of Edward Jaimie Boubezari. After going home to collect her bedroom key, Sasha goes shopping with May-Li and Kazima.

The Story of Tracy Beaker. With Kingsley’s trial coming up, Denise doesn’t want Jody to testify, but after dreaming about being in Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandJody decides to testify against Kingsley, angering Denise.

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Mischief came home and Bailey became his new owner. Lydia is a relief careworker to fill in for Mike Milligan Connor Byrne when he is on holiday.

Jade kisses Frank, which is witnessed by the other kids. Kazima Tako also Durrani as shown in Series 3 Episode 9 whwen Ryan looks at all the resident’s personal recordsportrayed by Akuc Bol, made her first appearance on 31 January in series 2 of The Dumping Ground during the episode Finding Frank. Daryl is a teammate of Bailey Kasey McKellar. Unfortunately, Rocky refused to respond to Mo’s commands despite having responded in practice even when Mo attempted to charm him with a recorder.

But when Tyler and Ryan arrive, Ryan starts to tease Sasha by saying she’s starting to turn all pink and girly. In “Utopia”, May-Li mentions that Archie was away meeting some potential foster parents and never returned after that as his departure was off screen.

Kazima explains how her father was captured by the army and her mother died at a Kenyan refugee camp before she fled to England. Family Brothers Ryan Reeves. Later, Bailey cleared the misunderstanding that he didn’t mean to insult him but to have a laugh.