At the fork ahead, take the path with the green tinted glow. Jump onto the wooden plank to the right to reach the container. They mention that their camp has been ambushed by the evil Amanita mushroom tribe. Hit switch on lower tower Point “1” to move remote. Once at the top, open the capsule for electrician’s tape! June 14, The Game Den: He set up VanossGaming in September

Walk on top of the foggy green stuff and head towards the wall. Pax jabs forward and will also thrust forward when using a jump attack. Jump onto the wooden plank to the right to reach the container. Hop onto the first leaf on the side of the beam, then continue across the other three. Normally, we would run down the slope, but that isn’t needed. Now that the tunnel is opened, head through. Walk to the very tip of the wooden beam and turn your camera; there is a hole on the other end of the box!

When you reach the top, go through the side tunnel and take down a couple scorpions. Jump over the gap. Walk on top of the foggy green stuff and head towards the wall. Once you have the desired pieces, press the 2 button to access the gear menu and pick the designated weapon to create it.

October 31, part 1 Dena’s Vlog: The Earth Shiitake can also throw rocks at you, but they are easily dodged. Return to where you found the can opener and walk past the platforms.

Thimble – Goal completed! Director’s Cut Part 33 Tagged! Sporekinesis is primarily used to move objects, but you can also use it to attack enemies: Backtrack a bit until you reach the bone platforms on the side of the wall. Inside, take care of the two Amanitas and yank the lever to free Mr. I suggest moving the domino with the “Two, One” markings into its slot first, then the “One” domino, then leaving the “Two, Three” domino last.


Wood chips will fall from the ceiling and land on this pile particularly on top of the crushed soda can. You don’t even have to kill any of them right now; your main target is the Lepiota Necromancer. He has a lot of health, but will go down if you stay persistant. Between the counter you’re on and the counter with the toaster is a pile of trash.

Defeat the Lepiota Necromancer – Goal Completed! If for any reason you did not use the traps to kill any of the five rabbits and had to dispose of them with a weapon, you will not receive a rabbit’s foot. There are a few Aminitas strewn along this path, though they can easily be taken care of.

He has become enough of a celebrity to be able to make a couple of book tours to the United States.

Jump onto the central rock pillar, then hop onto the stone walkway on the side of 100 room. Up ahead is a fork in the road. Proceed around the mushrooms down here to reach a dead end. Roman Atwood operates two YouTube channels – RomanAtwood which focuses on prank videos, and RomanAtwoodVlogs, which, as its name suggests, is his vlogging channel. Follow the arrow sign through the pipe to the other side.

Finally, ride the balloon to the diamind of the bathroom to find the jig saw blade. Defeat the spider ahead and break open the container nearby for some glue. Millions of people enjoy YouTube videos every day. You have now unlocked Radical! The next plastic container is up a slope near a small house and a Bolete villager.


Walk across the top of the tombstone and to the edge of the ledge. Minecraft Life in the Woods – E12 Poisonous! Once the boulder passes, resume your trek down the left path. Its focus is on sketch comedy. Move through the tunnel for a scene once you reach the end. Since we don’t have any pieces to build a rocket, we can ignore the launch pad for now. When facing the two wrenches at the end of the big red ledge, walk onto the cylinder to the left.


The first video they uploaded in was on a Power Rangers theme.

The third and final container isn’t far. They are quite annoying, so kill any that get near you. The bulk of his videos are comedy vlogs. Go back down through the hole and return to the cylindrical object. Man, this guy sure does love chinese takeout!


We can’t really do much as of this moment, so instead kill the two Amanitas. Like a surprisingly large proportion of the top YouTubers particularly those in the gaming genre Mark Edward Fischbach, aka Markiplier, is currently These do not hurt you, diaond will knock Pax backwards.

Squeeze between the object and the wall to find a closed door. The focus of his channel is on gameplay and vlogs.

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Okaaaaay, two cans and two lids. August 15th, part 2 Pixels as Big as Cats!: Go back behind the box if you haven’t already and take the door on the right. Felix Rabbit ninecart Goal Completed! Point the Wii Remote at a designated object for the target to transform into a hand.