Unfortunately, this task is much easier said than done as visions of his slain wife Petra still seem to haunt his mind and soul. Milus nods at Wilk who nods back. As a means of clearing the names of himself and his friends of the crimes against the crown they have committed in their quest for freedom, Brattle and his companion travelled to Castle Ventris under the guise of the journeyman executioner picked up by the Baron and his men on their way to the town. But it wasn’t just her.. Set in early 14th century Wales , Wilkin Brattle, a Welsh knight in the army of King Edward I of England is betrayed by an Englishman who has a lust for power and who leaves him for dead. She thanks Wilk for saving her. Milus approaches with the others.

Love says she wants to meet the rebel leader, the Wolf. He asks if she sees his demons as well as his angels. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One of the female rebels is taken prisoner. Retrieved November 4, View all TV Sites. Milus comes to talk to Love and she sends Isabel out.

Strap yourself in guys thats about as sophisticated as this show gets. Archived from the original on His new life of peace is shattered by the unbearable taxes assessed on the peasants by none other than “Baron” Erik Ventris, the man who had betrayed Wilkin. Milus dismisses him but Father Ruskin encourages this option. Sutter stayed in the US to finalize the script. Archived from the original on January 20, Share this Rating Title: She tells Isabel her mourning time is done and she wants something with more color.


TV by the Numbers. She asks if it was a childish dare or rebellion. She sits and gestures him to sit.

View all Star Wars Sites. View all Cars Sites. Mabon says if he tells, will he not tell his mother. Milus approaches with the others. Wilk walks away and Marshal says at least he listens to the witch. Wilk mixes the herbs as instructed and tells Nia to drink it without fighting him. Retrieved August 11, Nia is dragged and chained for her punishment.

Milus takes note of the two new twin serving girls and says they will be fun. A sheep shagger in the first ten minutes? He says he is to himself as well. The men ride up on them and Love dismounts to go speak to her. The other men tell him they all need to be avenged and says the reeve must stay alive until they all have their truth.

If eoisode missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right basard for you. Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 9: Milus says he has nothing to fear and Wilk says their secret cuts both ways. Mabon says at the entrance to the village, there are hovels where the rebels store supplies and weapons.

View all Streaming Sites. Get a day job dude. Wilk says he sees growing fear in Milus disguised as boldness. Our 5 Favorite Things Fpisode the Oscars. He asks her about his past life and if she knew about him and his secrets. She says we make our own demons.


They sit on a pew side by side. The bad news is that fights like this one always end in heartache, and this time it was those who were simply trying to make their way in the world who paid the price. A young boy carves on a statue as his mentor exscutioner him.

We see his arms have been severed. They are attacked by rebels and circle to protect Baroness Love.

The Bastard Executioner Episode 2 Preview: ‘Effigy/Delw’

She sees him sparring in the field with staffs with other boys. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. After a gruesome discovery, Wilkin Brattle vows revenge upon Baron Ventris. The girl says the Byth Encil will take back the country.

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Nora chants and stabs the snake. Love comes to the chapel. Leon says to hurry it up.

He looks it up and sees she quotes Islam perfectly. He reads it and she says her judgment is forced by obligation. He nods at Marshal who pulls back her hair and whispers to her. The Dark Mute Timothy V. Live stream, executionrr time, and more by Phil Naegely. She holds out her hand and he takes it. Retrieved February 24,