Hang with the Robbie Maddison at his brand new compound in Temecula, California. Witness Man and Motorcycle going higher and farther than ever thought possible!!! Check out the video below to see just how far Stewart’s skills have come. Well, let me know what wrong turns I made! This thread made me happy, then it made me sad. What, with his squeaky clean looks and clean cut style even Granny likes him. Not to mention a touring freestyle show, a clothing line and responsible for launching the careers of many freestyle riders, like Brian Deegan, the General of the Metal Mulisha. I have a small collection

Good, Bad, ‘n Ugly: Could be my reminiscing. Check Out The Trailer. Stewart is the only one that we will see on the motocross track again although ironically the last time either Stewart or Pastrana raced professionally was at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm , albeit in several months when his suspension is officially lifted. Full tilt crazy moto action packed with insane crashes and the Crusty ingredients you have come to know and love! Watch the best helicopter footage ever seen in any moto film from Jackpot Ranch, Danimals Domain and Sand Hollow Dunes as riders connect multiple ft jumps in a row.

The Guetter brothers, alongside Luke Parmeter will deliver all aspects of ATV, UTV, and motorcycle riding and traveling to the most breathtaking landscapes in the country. I loved those movies. This year the Godfrey Crew took the riders all over the map in search of new and interesting places to ride. This motocross dvd rock’s hard, you will be hitting rewind over and over! Experience the journey, as metal and man mesh in an action adventure that brings freestyle motocross to The Next Level.

Crusty 7 motocross DVD is in the house and ready to please once again. So let’s count it off: It is the ONLY film on this list to be filmed on 3 different continents, and 7 different countries. Could be my nostalgia. The Crusty motocross DVDs are insane!

The result is a progressive FMX and freeride movie. Scull79 Scull79 https: Follow us to England for the MX Nations. Dating fromwhen men were men and bikes were I could be having a horrible day, and the intro to that section will always make me smile. Check out Twitch flip the world record foot backflip at Fitzpatricks freeride oasis.

Join the creative team of Fleshwound on the front lines as they wreak havoc in Japan, Australia and across America. Also take a look back at our favorite places to ride.


I think I’ve watched this movie every day after school from age https: One of the most popular stunt motocross videos out right now. The game has changed.

Head to the Hills for vike exclusive moviee at the first ever natural terrain contest “Ride to the Hills” with foot hill jumps, hips and foot step ups. Nine teams are dirh, with their stories interwoven as they chase down the dream of an AMA National Outdoors Championship. Lock and Load motocross video features the best riders in the tereafirma doing stunts, gone good, gone bad. It basically asks the question that all hard enduros do: Join the Red Bull Ride to the Hills natural terrain event as they take a 10 day journey through the best natural terrain in the country.

Follow the battle for the longest jump on a motorcycle with Robbie Maddison, Ryan Capes and Bird as they strive to jump over feet. NC2 contains stunts that have never been attempted before and other stunts which no human should ever try again.

Dean Wilson – Detroit Supercross 1. Ricky Carmichael is the winningest motocross racer of all time; James Stewart is still considered the most talented rider on the planet, and the second most winningest Supercross racer of all time; and Travis Pastrana is arguably the greatest motorsports athlete the world has ever seen.

The Crusty fix is here! The modern formula is to film 20 minutes of movie and slow it down to fill 60 minutes of time while making damn sure product placement is perfect. Each of them also won a Supercross championship in their sophomore year as a professional. It covers motocross, hill climbs, hare and hounds and flat trackers, asking the question that still bikke unanswered: There’s a section called “Kids on the Couch,” starring: It is the first film to compile the “Big 5” terrrafirma 2 new comers, vike Canada’s own Xtinction.

NC3 is being filmed in the U. The Crusty crew has been filming with the world’s best riders all over the globe to bring some insanity to households everywhere; travel throughout Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and the secret compounds of California! II is fourth on this list.

Another top ten list! This is the only film of which actually shows the sport of freeriding and natural terrian as it truly exists.


It was awesome to see the riders who were top professionals just out having a good time with regular joes in the dunes and jumping massive jumps like it was nothing.

This is a motocross DVD documentary showcasing the adventures of a ten year span taking dirtbikes all over the world and creating new careers for the top individuals in freestyle.

Go back to where freeriding started in Reche Canyon and ride with Parsons and Twitch of huge step ups and the first ever wall ride. It is one of few films on this list that is actually listed on the Internet Movie Database, but that fun fact has nothing to do with this movie’s placement on this list.

So it is all the more amazing to think that with this video, Fox had picked out three riders who would stamp their name in motocross lore for eternity.

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Unable to load user with ID: If you don’t have it, you’re missing out on a piece of moto movie history, and I strongly suggest you go out and get it. This thread made me happy, then it made me sad.

We’re talking back in the day when two strokes ruled the earth and the gawky, gangly motocross rider was still working on his moto career. This is a freestyle motocross DVD with monster truck and off road action as well.

Throwback Video: ‘Terrafirma’ Kids on the Couch

The rider interviews are done very well; each rider is given his own segment with his own theme that plays into the personality he portrays. The opening sequence is unique, shot at night having them jump up onto a log. Take a trip with Fleshwound Films and Crusty Demons of Dirt as they go off the map and into uncharted territory for more intense motocross ,ovies. Our motocross DVD prices are ,ovies lowest in the industry. Crusty 13 motocross DVD.

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