She knows Ji Heon is that kind of person without any ulterior motives , which is why she wants him. I’m half asleep at the moment but I waited for the recap since dramacrazy hasn’t uploaded an english subtitle yet. And it is not as if Oh-sol doesn’t have a cute friend to introduce him to. It could happen, yet…. Wol-hyang sighs to see Na-young, since she knows that any chance she had with Sang-gyu is now gone. Faye August 22, at 3: And the relationship between Ji-wook and Yeon-jae is just so cute

The only characters I can’t get behind are those who are selfish Chae Kyung , for example. Because that spirit and determination of hers to live her life fully embody the pain and struggle of real-life cancer patients. I was caught off guard with the kiss See, I have have trouble suspending my disbelief in anything medical. Laeah August 20, at I love this drama. I really hope the writer does not turn Seol into a crybaby later

All that guilt has nowhere to go, but aimed at poor Shi On.

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Sae kyung lived being told she is loved only because of money, like there is nothing more in her person that is worth loving. I didn’t write that disabled people are worse because taake their limitations. Chandler July 22, at 6: He wanted to live until the last moment as normally as he could. Why are people setting such unreasonable standards for her? SS – Many ppl with autism lead lives that are considered “normal”.

It seems now that lzdy he is holding onto is slowly falling apart. The silent effect seems to work best when there’s music before that certain scene, so that it’s stops and we are aware that it’s supposed to be a moment of effective silence.


Oh Sol confessed to him that someone has left yogurt every time for episde Years!. That being said, for the first time, I’m really disappointed. Kim Da Hyun Supporting Cast. Sang-gyu finds her brooding in the royal pharmacy, and she asks him pointed questions along the lines llady, If I leave this place, would you be able to protect me?

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And goodness knows, we could all use a bit of healing. She says yes, and he tells her to at least send him a text letting him know. Ji Heon asks his Grandma how she figured that out!

I was scared they were gonna hit something or veer off-course! Frustrated, he pulls off his bandage and stretches his injured hand.

Before Seon-gyeol can leave, Oh-sol argues that he should say something about their kiss. I can totally feel her inner struggle to like Ji Heon yet want to keep her job for as long as she can yes white-collar is still her dream job. Who else had to think about titanic when they went in the old car.

I have a hard time understanding women who want men who ddamacrazy want them back especially when they weren’t interested in that man in the first place. And plus its all about balance too, a good story requires a great balance of characters and storytelling.

This garners him great press. He has some truly serious mental issues, and we have to make real allowance for that, but it was still really jarring. They would have ladg continued how they were until they got to a more serious stage.


Much mahalo for the recap. I know she doesn’t want to die with regrets, but please don’t leave your loved ones with regrets of their own.

Up to this point, I never feel any sympathy for DH. Download the latest version here. That second kiss between Seon-gyeol and Oh-sol proves that she is somehow different since he can now manage to eposode her without fainting. Thanks for the recap, keep it up!! But, at least this one actually stopped.

Josina January 27, at 7: Chae is wrong, he is also cold to his fiance not just Si On. Man-oh is content to keep serving Lady Jo especially when faced with the alternatives and asks only for her to give him exclusive market licenses after they oppose the capital move. It’s like having dessert both before and after dinner. Do-han and Yoon-seo report that Wolf Girl has an inflamed belly button due to a deformed urachus. You’re crying one moment, but then the next moment you’re laughing.

The Chairman yells at Ji Heon for being the cause of this yet again. OldLawyer December 16, at It could have been an annoying spinning kiss camera shot.