Also, new partners randomly picked whether they get a male or female and an All-Star pool. Kelis , Meleka and Chipmunk. It was kind of crazy. This season featured a combination of the Top 20 format from seasons 2—6 and the All-Star format from season 7. Fox Drama Opts to ‘Remove’ Embattled… Brooklyn , New York. As opposed to last season , there is no set group of All-Star dancers. I had to balance the bottle on my hand.

Contemporary dancer Melanie Moore won the season and Sasha Mallory was the runner-up. It was kind of crazy. Retrieved from ” https: Thirty-one dancers made it through to the final stage before the selection of the Top Fox Drama Opts to ‘Remove’ Embattled… Because I will be calling her.

SYTYCD’s Melanie Moore on Statue Makeup, Pasha Bootcamp, Gaga’s Shoes | TVLine

I had had my audition solo since the year before, and I won some national [competitions] with it. He was replaced for the evening by season 7’s Robert Roldan and was automatically in danger of going home.

I thought it was interesting how the judges pointed out the high degree of difficulty in transitioning into and out of all the lifts, and the way the two of you maintained the fluidity of the motion from beginning to end. We were both really excited because it was the first all-girl piece of the season — besides the group pieces. The show’s eighth season premiered on May 26, Also returning is the selection of a Top 20 for the finals, in contrast to season 7’s Top Lythgoe has noted that although fans of the show complained about season 7’s format [8] and missed “the interconnection between people who had never been in competition before,” “putting [contestants] with an All-Star lifted their game immensely,” [1] which informed his decision to combine the two formats and try to “have the best of both worlds.


I even surprised myself that I could jump that high at him, and jump that far. DialIdol covered only the last four weeks of this season.

Watch All of Melanie Moore’s So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Routines

KelisMeleka and Chipmunk. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View pssha. And were they empty or full? We definitely talk about the intention.

Maybe put flowers in it, or put it in a shadowbox. Orpheum Theatre – Los AngelesCalifornia. Probably as a centerpiece wherever I am. Who has possession of the shoes?

Retrieved from ” https: Hulu August 12, BrooklynNew York. Apparently, it’s tradition among dancers. What to Read Next.

Was it hard to dance coated in that stuff? And I just kept scooting back. A Very Hairy Situation And over the next four months, the year-old Georgia pixie maintained that front-runner status, eventually taking home the crown on the Aug.

It has to be scary! The judges were beside themselves, including guest judge Lady Gaga, who presented the girls with the very shoe she was wearing.

I had to balance the bottle on my hand. Open auditions for this season took place in the following five cities: Warrior Princesses Melanie delivered one of her best performances of the season when she was paired up with fellow contemporary dancer and finalist Sasha for one fierce Sonya Tayeh “warrior princess” jazz routine.

When the show reached Top 10 week, contestants from previous seasons the All-Stars partnered current contestants in individual dance genres. With pasya results now in and Melanie crowned America’s top dancer, here’s a look at her five best routines of the season.


‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Melanie’s Five Best Dances

Thirty-one dancers made it through to the final stage before the selection of the Top With her fluid, natural style, Melanie made the challenging dance has anyone seen ” Dancing With the Stars? As a result, two couples were eliminated the following week. Because I will be calling her.

Mary Murphy returned and replaced Mia Michaels as a permanent judge after being absent in season 7 due to contract disputes and to undergo surgery to remove a thyroid tumor. He was not playing around with that.

The energy was so amazing — ,elanie Sasha has the best energy out of anybody — and so it was really inspiring to dance with her.

So You Think You Can Dance Winner Is Melanie Moore! Recap of SYTYCD Season 8 Finale

It was the bottle I was drinking out of, so I could stop and take a sip every now and then. What was the energy like dancing with another woman for mmelanie change?

Pasha was so serious. Trump for saving a large group of high school students from being taught by someone who’s intelligence is questioned almost daily by even her own party Eric Turner and Sway.