Since then, the building has housed a real estate office and a National Guard recruiting center. Guest Roadtripper and public historian Glory-June Greiff tells us that Indiana state forests seem not to be as widely known as our state parks as places to hike, but that she would like to recommend them. Also on the bill of fare: Volunteers even stripped and sold the aluminum siding to fund construction projects. While exploring the town square, be sure to check out the historical marker to Carl Fisher. August , where visitors can sample local wine, cheese and chocolate while basking in the ambience of the scenic Ohio River.

Becky’s DNA testing exposed other family secrets about her biological parentage and ethnic heritage. Built in , it is one of only three original “high style” White Castles left in the country. Login with Social Account: Switzerland County has rolling hills and a wealth of buildings and structures that have not been significantly altered for years. Our guests call it “the Berkeley of the Midwest” in light of the fermenting free-speech movement and various liberation efforts that began to take hold in Bloomington during the turbulent s. According to some accounts, about 10, Korean Americans or natives of Korea live in Indiana; other sources put the figure at 30, As Joan assures us, the murals are “worth a visit!

The Star Spangled Banner was not adopted as the official national anthem untilabout years after the era that is the focus of our show. Free tours greeham some of the landscapes will be open to the public during the Oct. It’s a computer app-enhanced children’s educational toy. His one-word name often was emblazoned on his chef hat. It’s an old river town across the Ohio River from Louisville.

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Unfortunately, a passion for the pawpaw fruit doesn’t seem to be passed from one generation to the next: Not a TCM Member? I saw it in the theater when I was a kid. He won a motorcycle sprint race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway inthe stxrke year the racetrack was open.


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The multi-generational, family-owned company is headquartered in a former elementary school in the Madison County town, but acres of Red Gold tomatoes are grown across the state. The crew at Hoosier History Live thanks you! But these tests have raised thorny questions. Great for Movie Night, or Anytime!! It does increase our production costs to pay for the additional editing time and technical support, so we truly appreciate their financial contribution!

As ,ovie youth during the s, Keni attended – ironically, for a future peace activist – Howe Military Academythe military boarding school in far-northeastern Indiana.

First Classand Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Tehater the Monon Railroad line opened in the s through the western part of Hamilton County – greshham opposite end from Fishers – violence in the town began to decline, according to David. You can listen that show by visiting our website at hoosierhistorylive. For more than 40 years, the Indy International Festival has featured colorful exhibits, music and the cuisine of dozens of countries.

We’d like to encourage more callers to phone in during the show and pose their questions or comments to Nelson and his guests. Phil Bowles Assistant Director. The name also was used to refer to Confederate soldiers in general. As our guest Steve Towne recounts in A Cabinet of Curiosities ztarke, the soldier’s widow wanted to see her husband’s corpse.

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Those who did not survive the sinking include a Hammond resident who had traveled to Sweden to visit her parents. The Welcome Center has served more than 10, immigrants grseham refugees from all over the world.

Alas, the Cole Porter Room’s similarities to an elegant s cabaret lounge do not include libations; no Champagne cocktails or zombies are in the offing. Many Indiana University faculty members advocated for students’ gressham in various ways.


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White students had walked out of school to protest an early integration effort that brought more than black students to the high school. We look into Indiana’s past to examine efforts at conflict resolution and peacemaking. Not only does Red Gold distribute tomato products including ketchup and tomato juice throughout the United States, it ships them to more than 15 other countries.

They also describe major Midwestern drug trafficking operations that unfolded in Bloomington at the time. Besides, you might learn a thing or two while you are tuning in! Efforts at putting together the Pacers team had met a variety of challenges.

Visitors to Huntington who need refreshment after investigating the Milligan Block firsthand should check out its street-level restaurant, the Rusty Dog Irish Pubwhich a local review called “a glowing example of tradition done right. Wallenda was a unique project in that it was shot entirely against a green screen and contained over CG shots.

This Hoosier History Live encore show explores such fascinating aspects of Switzerland County as its Swiss heritage, a local historical figure known as the “Hay King” and a contemporary wine festival.

The doll was created as a spin-off product that became far more popular than the books. In addition to loving all forms of story-telling and entertainment, Uyen is also passionate about philanthropic endeavors and currently works with Resources for Health Equity, a c 3 organization committed to improving access to quality health care for disadvantaged communities in Southeast Asia.

She married her husband, Parnell Smithin a small ceremony in downtown Indy. Edgar Buchanan Axel Gresham. At some of the camps, Lovina Streight of Indianapolis joined her husband who rose to become a brigadier general grseham his troops.