Shooter with points Platform: Thanks for the assurance that the top score may be possible. If following e-star video and you get stuck with this:. Fire the Blue bird slightly higher, causing the snowball to clear out as well. Flinger with 75 points Platform: Probably something to do with limitations of my old device. Suddenly all pigs were killed by this one-birder. Seasons Video Walkthroughs for Android called “Walkthrough for Seasons Greedings level ” and has been posted or updated on Jun 9, by scarbzscope.

I found that if you take out the small vertical rectangular snow block toward the top of the middle tower as well as the two square snow blocks directly beneath it — by lobbing the first over the top of the first tower — you can create enough falling stone to destroy a lot of the snow structure in the middle as well as the left pig and the middle pig at the bottom. Followed your video and I guess everything fell just right! Here is my video! Out of this World with points Platform: Hardened with points Platform: If following e-star video and you get stuck with this:.

Angry Birds Seasons: Christmas 3 Star Walkthrough Level | AngryBirdsNest

Launch the Yellow bird just under the hollow stone square and onward into the right pig. As much as I would like to help, I cannot recall how I got 85k. It used soluion be my favorite version until it unexpectedly stopped working for me in the middle of Ski or Squeal. Be patient with yourself and your eye hand coordination. If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions.


DaBomb with points Platform: Walkthrough for Seasons Greedings level Champion with points Platform: If those top two stones and little red fall just anfry, they really can generate a lot of points. No, I am not posting chrome scores here, as much as I would like to.

First shot like video, caused a little damage to center wngry structure. If you lob the blue bird over the first tower, you can take out the right pig as well as more of the snow structure beneath it, giving you a pretty decent two-birder score. I used the same strat as written by some above, sending the red bird above the hollow stone block.

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Winter is my favorite season, but I really dislike most of these levels! No idea what happend back then, sorry!

Wed, 20 Jun Thanks for the help hallieginsband no need for thanks your definitely a Seasoned Seasons flinger in not only my thoughts but many others: Got all but right pig; used third bird for that one. When next we are in Birrds all your SunUppers are sooo on me! Sadly, when I opened this level today to try it again, my high score but not my three stars, for some reason had been wiped out.


Walkthrough for Easter Eggs Improved my sad little score by 10k. Shot the first bird just like the video said and got real lucky took down the whole middle section then just shot the next bird to get the last pig, and wow 3 stars!

Walkthrough for Seasons Greedings level 1-6 for Angry Birds: Seasons

Hardened with points Platform: Following my own bread crumbs, however, after several tries I was able to get a two-bird score of 73k, with lots of points still available. It was really difficult getting even that 53k.

Stuck in this game? Flinger with 80 points Platform: Flinger with angey points Platform: Flinger with 75 points Platform: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If following e-star video and you get greevings with this:. Is it because of the Santa hat glitch? Avian Overlord with points Platform: Easter 16 in seasons From: Flinger with 45 points Platform: We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. Walkthrough for Seasons Greedings level for Angry Birds: Here is my video!

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