This was animated by Synthespian Studios. Producers of children’s programming, including the North American dub of Sailor Moon. Other musical variants have included a marching band “Lisa The Greek” , a mariachi combo followed by a shout of “Ole! Law , Doogie Howser, M. Bryan Singer ‘s company, produces House , among others. There were a number of early versions. The children are holding balls of various colors, and golden light rushes around the globe until the globe and kids disappear, with the light forming a simplified version of the logo from , with “S A B A N” below it. Its short-lived first logo, appearing only on Mantis , consisted of the company’s name hovering over Earth, as the sun rises behind it and makes a “whoosh” sound.

It was replaced by a script “Hanna-Barbera” introduced in , which was combined with pictures of H-B characters in rectangles usually the ones from the preceding show , along with H-B sound effects in the background. In , it has been announced as a part of their new branding project, Amazing SEGA , a new intro were introduced, which consists of an eye opening with the SEGA logo swooshing on the reflection of the eye. You can see all but a couple of the versions in this compilation video on Youtube. The original Columbia Pictures girl in the silent era was a female Roman soldier with a staff and shield, possibly based on actress Claudia Dell. For the company’s 20th anniversary in , a brief animation reel of common anime sfx plays, including Dragon Ball Z style clashes, blosoms floating away, and energy surges. Cannell Productions” or “Cannell Entertainment Inc.

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At the end of the animation, the box collapses, sometimes as a result of the characters’ actions. Reinhold Weege’s production company for Night Court has an animated logo showing a star flashing brightly accompanied by a loud clapping sound and fading, revealing a blacked-out nighttime Chicago skyline.

Do you find this valuable? When they merge, they explode and form the version of the Cartoon Network Checkerboard logo. Producers of children’s programming, including the North American dub of Sailor Moon. This vanity plate was briefly retired inbefore resurfacing in using a fifth logo that is a “cleaner” version of the third, with a number of productions using a clip from an episode instead of an original piece of animation.


There was at least one such vanity plate that was unique to the game that showed it Unreal Tournament in this case.

Vanity Plate

Both logos were used in the sign-on and sign-off screen until late Mouse along with the Williams Street Productions logo shortened to one hammer strike instead of two. This was only seen in the release of the first Dragon Ball movie.

Unfortunately, Metal Gear Rising: In earlier versions he was smoking a pipe. It was only seen in Immortal Grand Prix. This was accompanied by a five note melody, which was given a full orchestra remix starting in This is only used on animated shorts that are airing in Asia. It is rare for the actual animation studio to display a Vanity Plate — unlike in North America, the animation studios are separate companies from the production companies that put series together.

Starting init appeared in 2D. This variant first appeared in and was used in tandem with the original variant until this variant replaced it around with the exception of Squidbillies.

Some think some are scary, judge for yourself with this montage of bumpers. Please try a current version of IE or Firefox. Logpedia seen on the sneak peek, on demand, and CN app versions of Uncle Grandpa.

Likewise, so do trailers for the 20th anniversary crossover game Sonic Generations in regards to its history-spanning nature The Ugly TWO was used as a station ID by itself in the late ’80s as well as with the ’70s-style 15 in the early to mid ’90s.

The words “Cartoon Network Studios” were written under it.


They later used one of the first CGI frontcaps in the ITV network, with balls and diamonds tumbling around the screen before the station logo resolved. Schneider’s Bakery is the production studio of producer Dan Schneider. It’s got a handful of them in cinemw. John Charles Walters Company: Bungie had an early one that showed what looked like blue cells undergoing fission before zooming out to show a globe which is part of the i of the Bungie logo with a short rendition of Covenant Dance.

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This logo was used for 17 years. A voiceover stating “This has been a Filmways presentation” usually accompanied the logo, spoken by one of the stars of the show that preceded it. Survives on some episodes of the revival of Dexter’s Laboratory when reran on Boomerang. Plus, it was seen on several episodes of Johnny Bravo and episodes of Samurai Jack on Boomerang.

Their most famous signoff is popularly known as “The Kid in Bed. A different theme was used for this version. It was intended as an anniversary ident but stuck, still frontcaps though did exist on the few networked programmes it did make.

Or else the bland anonymous ITV Studios cap rather than the ident of the original maker. Studio Ghibliwhose Vanity Plate features one of their best-known characters, Totoroand Toei Animationwhich shows bubbles combining into one space to create Pero’s head. The third version had the ITC logo in white zoom in from the center of a spinning object composed logoledia the logo’s diamond shapes, one each in red, green, and blue, on a space background.