Mayor Gonzales is shocked with Susan’s apology since there is nothing realy serious that has happened to Derrick. As for Mara, she pretended to be still unconscious and finally Clara have decided to bring her to the hospital so that she can be treated. Lagakos isn t a big fan of counting calories. Mara’s was left behind in the forest while raining. Mara yang dibesarkan dalam sebuah keluarga yang miskin. Mayor Nathaniel then tells Susan not to worry on their expenses at the hospital because he will be the one to pay for it.

Will Clara change to be a better person or is she acting as if she is worried to Mara Del Valle? Clara then say in defense to her mom and dad that Mara is just pretending to be a good person and is very mean to her. Clara then tells her father – Gary that she is almost ready and she needs to pack some other important things before seeing him. Rama Untuk Shinta SineLove: Alvira explained to Clara that she can not bring her to Dubai because Clara has her own family here. Gary went out again to forget about the things that he have discovered and called Alvira to check on her. Genk Super Hero Bioskop Indonesia: Can torrent it, or buy it.

Susan is looking for work for them to have an income and help with their daily needs.

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Mara’s was left behind in the forest while raining. Calorie Balance Tracker 2. Desperate to win back everything that Clara thought Mara have taken, Clara wants to make friends with Mara. With this insult, Mara remained calm not minding what Clara have told her.

Feedjit Feedjit Live Blog Stats. Tabrakan 2 Hati FTV: Lupe then asked Amante’s apology because of what she did in the past.


Gary then tells Clara that he went to see Alvira and checked on her. Mara then went to see her foster grandmother – Lupe to ask gajzh her help in putting Gary to jail.

Sutradara Tejo Sulaktono dll. So now that Mara is back with Clara again, they are tied with chains. Clara hurriedly went down stairs to check on her father – Gary and then asked on why he got so mad. Lupe is now back home with mncrv only son – Gary and Gary is very happy having her around.

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Mara did not went home and rather thought going back and spy on Clara’s actions. Clara then asked his father – Gary on why her grandmother – Lupe is back at their house. Computational Optimization and 18 2.

Mara is safe with Virginia “Parang” and Nanding. And so in this episode since Mara’s mother knew about what happened already she warned Clara not to maltreat her daughter. Amante is not going to let Clara be the exchange for Mara and wants to have another plan for them to rescue both Mara and Susan. When two users edit the same file at the same time, they are likely to interfere with Emacs tries to prevent this situation from arising by recording a file lock when a This function unlocks the file being visited in the current buffer, if the buffer is.

In which they come up that Mara would be the image model for their new business. How will Clara cope up living at the slums now? Pacaran di atas Bajaj FTV: So now that Mara and Susan are on their way to go somewhere else safe, will they be successful? When Gary and Clara were still talking, some of the police officers hurriedly went inside and Gary is making Clara as his own hostage.


As a result, Gary is heart-broken and turns to another woman Susan who is also poorthinking that his first love would never come home again.

Clara then tells Gary that he must surrender for him not to be in danger because Clara don’t want her father – Gary sibopsis be dead. Clara then saw Christian and Mara together then finally Mara and Christian are officially havin a relationship.

New Game Popular Collector s Edition. Mara then figured out that Clara knew to where Gary hides Alvira and that Clara is participating in hiding Alvira.

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With Christian who courted Mara, Clara saw it and gajag hurt. Alvira also tells Mara that if ever she can get a chance in escaping, she must directly go and find for help but Mara disagreed. Clara then tells his father – Gary not to bother the Del Valle anymore since they have all the wealth already and they don’t need them anymore. Amante asked the guards in their village if they have seen Gary in the village but the guards told Amante that they did not see Gary there.