Tapi akhirnya, ibu Onur mengerti bahwa anaknya sangat mencintai Sehrazat dan akhirnya menyetujui pernikahan itu. Best Drama Binbir Gece. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Romance , Drama , Family Episodes: The music played a major role in this series. If your friends know hungarian language, there is a site with this film, but one loose the marvelous voices of the main actors. Dia adalah ibu dari seorang anak berumur 5 yang menderita leukemia dan membutuhkan operasi mendesak dan sangat mahal.

Did Cansel die in childbirth? This show is made of 90, one and a half hour episodes that spans 3 seasons. No vere mas de estas novelas. Sinopsis Shehrazat Episode 2: Best Actor Halit Ergenc Netflix is killing me with having only one season up!! I am so disappointed I cannot get to watch the completion series of nights and Love and Punishment. Realmente, decepcionante ver series que no se Les puede ver El final.

Best Drama Binbir Gece. Dia akan sangat menyesal dan mencoba untuk menunjukkan seberapa dalam ia peduli padanya. Did Cansel die in childbirth? I also watched 49 episodes and would love to watch the next season but Netflix is notorious in not getting the follow up seasons. Raechelle November 21, at November 7, — May 12, Production Company: Mudah-mudahan kedepannya blog ini dapat memberikan kontribusi serta informasi bermanfaat bagi Anda semua.

BinBir Gece (One Thousand and One Nights)

I have searched days and nights on youtube google etc to find another way but nothing. Do you girls agree with me? Baca juga Biodata Profil Pemain Shehrazat. Sinopsis Shehrazat Episode 5: Seriously considering not seotember anymore of these series.

My mum who is 87 started me watching then now were addicted but considering not watching anymore due to lack of following series.


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Sinopsis Shehrazat Episode 4: Dia menyadari bahwa Onur tidak akan berhenti memikirkan apa yang terjadi diantara mereka dan memutuskan untuk mencoba mencari pekerjaan yang lain. I am prone to rants and raves about a lot of things! Through three seasons of this show, we follow their love as it progresses from one night stand into an epic tale of love, betrayal and heartache. LuxmiBhakta August 8, at 5: Susan Napoli December 3, at 1: I would love it.

Realmente, decepcionante ver series que no se Les puede ver El final.

He knows that he loves her, that the desire he feels for her is not just a passing fancy and that now he must work very hard to show her that love, so he starts courting her. I am a man changed by love from that night! I have never said those words with fire that burns within my heart.

Di lift hotel di Dubai ia mengulangi tawaran yang tak pantas itu pada Sehrazat, namun Sehrazat menolak tawarannya, dan menjadi sangat marah. Jaine April 23, at Please tell me that there is a second series and it will be shown on Netflix??? Rita Cruz March 12, at 6: She does not take the keys and they stand there in the pouring rain in the middle of the forest and kiss! Dia adalah ibu dari seorang anak berumur 5 yang menderita leukemia dan membutuhkan operasi mendesak dan sangat mahal.

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What a piece of work our hero turned out to be. Netflix, I have never binge watched any ahehrazat show on regular tv or in Netflix but I did with Magnificent Century and nights and now I am stuck why are the rest of the season,s and episodes not there I have not cared about watching any others series this much please please get the rest of the season and episodes with English subtitles I need septemher finish this!!!!!


I am afraid that it would be No. AFTER Seven kids 76 show booth able to bench watch now and then I cant finish watching nightsyou tube is very hard to followsuch a Beautiful series.

Has anyone found a qay to watch after episode 49? In order to get the answer that my heart wants to hear, I will be patient. Am constantly muting until it goes epiosde.

Mk carney May 16, at 2: Vicki Young March 28, at Scheherazade, I know if I spent thousand and one nights on my knees and begged your forgiveness, I would never atone for it in my heart.

So disappointed in Netflix, why would you offer only one season.

Can someone please answer: The ending epjsode cant be like that! Apparently there are 71 episodes in total they said…. Yes, kudos to the entire country of Turkey. Until he met Scheherazade. Hitting them in their bottom line hurts them more than us missing our shows and being ignored.

Type in nights English subtitles — The episodes are not numbered as on Netflix. You are commenting using your WordPress.