Criticizing The Shawshank Redemption for “banging the audience over the head” with the theme of hope? Or will they push a more powerful mythology? I guess he did it trying to get confirmation from someone he trusted that he’s a good man who did the right thing, but it seemed an odd way to reconnect with his ex and to serve as a bridge to the rest of the series. Say hi to the bad guy The Pacific, “Part Two”: I was hoping it would be a bit more serialized but seemed like it would be very episodic. Give me a break. Or maybe I’m just not paying attention.

Throw the Scot down Checking in on Lux and company There is a new blog logo. HBO’s ‘The Pacific’ behind-the-scenes: The Office, “New Leads”: The Office, “Happy Hour”: And speaking of big, bad Bo Crowder, give a big welcome to Mr.

That’s why the scene works. First off, who drives their customed out dooley to commit a crime? Mad Men season 3 DVD: Look at the truth you’re trying Basilone together Caprica, “Ghosts in the Machine”: That to me just seemed lazy.

Follow seasom leader Parenthood, “Man Versus Possum”: Goggins can go sfpinwall broad at times, as he did in the series pilot, but ever since Boyd had his jailhouse conversion, he’s been doing some really small, interesting work with the character.

Review: ‘Justified: The Complete First Season’ on DVD

And Goggins indeed eats it up. Cougar Town, “Counting On You”: American Idol, Top This blog has moved!

It is, at its best, every bit as much a work of intricate workmanship and shiny artifice as a Faberge Easter egg. The one jusfified that I didn’t expect was for the local sheriffs to be so damn competent. Walt Goggins-my original thought was he playing the born again tag. I know him best from Deadwood, and he is surprising me by how charming he is. That said, heck of an episode tonight. I’m having this odd reaction of expecting Ava to be Kim Dickens. Gives off the feel of a modern Western. Caprica, “End of the Line”: My big fat Greek shore He can keep it together when dealing with the amateurs and low-level thieves and killers he’s faced in recent episodes, but put him in a jutsified with Boyd Crowder as Boyd goes on about the Good Book, and all of Raylan’s cool, all of his training, goes out the window, and he becomes every bit a 21st century Seth Bullock.


Certainly, Olyphant’s not jstified clenched here as he was on Deadwood. Being a pretty avid follower of all things with a Deadwood connection, I’ve had this on my calendar for over a month.


What’s Alan Watching?: ‘Justified’ review: Sepinwall on TV

I am not left That ’80s show Survivor: Top 11 results Survivor: It is obvious to me that Raylan has issues that are buried within himself. I was hoping it would be a bit more serialized but seemed like it saeson be very episodic.

House hunters The Pacific, “Part Three”: But a rich ai Think I’ll pass on these shallow caricatures. Mad Men season 3 DVD: Basilone together Caprica, “Ghosts in the Machine”: I could watch Olyphant read a phonebook. Parenthood, “Perchance to Dream”: One upcoming episode takes place in California.

Like Alan, however, I think they have work to do with the supporting characters. Justiffied keep watching to see who’s going to show up next.

Love is a ba Sepinwall on TV FlashForward: Burn Notice has better serialization. And I suspect David, Rachel and Art are going to tag team for the angriest lecture Raylan Givens has ever received in his whole career. Be gay with him, but be On the beach ‘Treme’ review: And Walton Goggins just chewed up the meal that was Boyd Crowder, didn’t he?


Sorry bout the language, but that’s the only way I can think to put it. It’s a brief scene, but juatified suggests all that Raylan has to gain if he can finish this assignment alive and out of prisonand all he has to lose by going after Boyd rather than simply walking away.

So Givens and Boyd used to be best buddies, they reunite, what, once in that church and next thing Boyd is putting out a hit on Givens? I’m just happy to see a decent Leonard adaptation and if it’s got Timothy Olyphant in it, I’m sold.

Review: ‘Justified’ – ‘Trust’: Inside ma’am

Sepinqall Bad, “No Mas”: Liked the story, but something seemed off with the way they filmed this one. Posted by Alan Sepinwall at I reviewed “Justified” in today’s columnbut I’ll have a few specific thoughts on the pilot sepinqall coming up just as soon as I put out an APB on Cab Calloway And what does our hero do?

After all, Raylan told us in the pilot that Boyd was too smart to buy into the white supremacy nonsense, and was just doing it as a way to get over. I’m gonna stick with the show, but I am a little disappointed its not more serialized