You know my father. No more proverbial fans waiting to get hit by the doo-doo? Of course, getting back together includes lovey-dovey scenes. She assume he sent the anonymous message about Sung Jae, but he doesn’t know about it. Should Woo-jae and Seo-young get back together? Waiting in front of her apartment is Sang-woo, and she invites him inside.

Hi, I am new with this drama , Thanks for your recap i can follow the story since i kind a miss 17 epsiodes , do you know where i can watch all the episodes with sub thank you all. Email required Address never made public. And reading the recap for upcoming episode makes me even sadder. Even if I had, I still would have seen it for what it was: Or should they just remain friends? By catcoffee Started January 14, He asks whether she ate, and she just asks him what he wants to eat. And think of me as well.

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Uh, yeah, nothing to say there. I want to think that she loves WJ more than he loves her because she gave up and severed her ties with SW and her father just to be with him. Seo Young tells her also about that, to ask Mi Kyung.

And yes, Ho Jeong is very sweet, and completely stole my heart by the end of the show. Notify me of new posts via email.

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seyooung Ho-jung is hard at work on her own budding romance and life as a newlywed. Sign In Sign Up. But just then, Ho-jung who came out to throw away the trash sees her and brightly calls out to her. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The harpy Sun-woo, though, is, and Woo-jae demands to know how she found out and why she told his mother. He believes he has nothing more to lose at this point, because without the money, his business will go bankrupt.


I hope and foresee Kang Ki Bum seeing and getting jealous of their relationship and growing closeness. Sung Jae goes in his room and notices that his mom shopped for him while he was gone.

The gentle tenderness in his gaze, as he holds her face in his hands, then leans in to kiss her — just, awwww.

I totally didn’t see that coming! Those tears, though, prompt the judges to exclaim that he must be a genius actor.

Flash Review: My Daughter Seo Young

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Episodes Share this: The generational gap is usually culturally ingrained with speech and customs based on respect. She starts “Sung Jae She was crying because she had missed 1 question on a test, and Papa Lee was trying to pacify her.

She berates him for being cold to Sung Jae. Do you have the full recap for all the gecap. She says yes, but how can he live there when it will be very difficult. I may be a little late in responding to your question but here goes — definitely get back together — as sweethearts — not enough time for them to get married with a few episodes left.


Little kids are trying to punch out star shapes from the taffy. He asks whether she ate, and she just asks him what he wants to eat. She replies with a comment that he must have been fired, and that she knew that would happen.

Stop it, you two.

Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Coz this time, all hearts are set right, the full truth is aired, and the family, finally, fully, securely in place. Notify me of new comments via email.

Ji Sun asked what she means by that. Woo Jae wakes in the morning, surprised to see the extra comforter on him and the waiting herbal supplement. But watching him being Ji Sun’s son was difficult. It is really worth waiting. Thank you so much for the recaps, really really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy your watch! You are commenting using your Facebook account. She leaves zeoyoung a parting comment rwcap she can’t even say anything. Thanks, PiscesDragonfor the correction! My Lee Sang Yoon feels now make me think he deserves more than FF dauvhter and I should give or at least try to appreciation to the drama as a whole.

Sang-woo, why the heck do you still have that photo in your phone?!?!?!