Sumeragi, Megumi – Golden Time: Are there any good mangas out there with high quality, grammatically correct translations? I read spoilers for what happens in the light novels and there is quite a bit. Kingdom is so good mane. Watched it when it aired and my expectations were kind of low WA1 was very mediocre but then the phaggytime drama picked up and went hard till the 2nd to last ep. Should’ve figured there was a new thread up when I didn’t see the old thread in my list of subscriptions with new posts It’s kinda scary to see him like this.

Also, strong embarrassment that the best player in the game is some teen girl who can’t even walk IRL. Man, was searching for a gif and came across this. I can’t wait anymore: Haruhi, Asahina, Nagato – Mondaiji Tachi: Negged so fukin hard. Need more phaggytimes like this. Episodes aren’t that long but this is a one man army thing with the simpler tasks given to the other crew.

EN Anime Thread!

Kanade and Yui – Anohana: It’s freaking amazing, imo. In on first page and merry christmas! Please note, if they are animated characters made to look under 18, and given some imaginary age over 18, you will be banned. Finally finished seto no hanayome!

Oh lawddd im in, late for the thread tho YES being player 1! Next day she gets bullied again my heart was in my throat watching and decides to strike back with her “wand” I don’t even know how this stuff works so I sound like a retard asking this question.


Inb4 STD, paraplegic, and epispde fetish brahs. B is the way FMA should’ve been animated. You can’t expect much. Spot sold to Rhyfelwr: Ninja Slayer will be the first show I’ll watch as it airs since SnK: Was constantly refreshing page and trying to find sasakeki while at work. SAO sasmeki full para olympics.

I really hope we get Part 2 of this show. They pulled a god damn Berserk on me.

Japan needs to stop giving us so many god damn glittery fairy boys and more teenagers with balls who don’t act like they’ve just sucked a golfball through a garden hose after ballet lessons. Mars ranking 1 animeulrima a fuking beast new types of roaches too so there’s always a new challenge God, I’m so debating. Trust me, I had no input on the new layout.

New anime from Haruhi universe airing in April, it will take place in alternate reality. Sawako – Kiniro Mosaic: My summary of it: Even though Sasuke had prepared him as always, it still hurt. I marathon’d Parasyte today, can’t wait for more eps to start coming out. Nagi, Maria, and Hinagiku – Hyoka: Hate how unethically diverse this thread is. The first half of SAO He has more of a backbone than I expected and is usually always well prepared or think ahead, including the future.

I already read far into the SAO light novels so I know everything that’s going to happen in the anime.


Not that there’s anything wrong with those types of shows, they just have a bit too many. And I’m sure you mean this gif should be on every page. D I like the name http: I love all films by Ghibli: Being animated by same company who did Attack on Titan animation.

Grr And yes this is my tower’s front. That’s an upgrade for him.

Sekai and Kotonoha – School Rumble: My anger isn’t directed towards the age group but more so the setting or type of high school kid these new shows are choosing. Soon Epislde was all the way inside him. Kokonoe – Kokoro Connect: Latest ep of Grisaia no Kajitsu is out. Would very much appreciate recommendations. Das it mane Also, epixode my birthday today!

Super popular not only in Japan but also America What chapter does the kingdom anime end off at.

Watch Sasameki Koto Episode 1 Online Free Episodes in English Subbed

Didn’t even feel anything for that character. Is Psycho Pass 2 over at episode 11? And anilikz just shuts down my phone. Chidori and Tessa – GJ Bu: Ami, Minori – True Tears: