On another note, glad it didn’t get draggy and annoying, and my memories of this drama will always be awesome! Wouldn’t life be boring if everybody had the exact same thoughts and opinions. Looking forward to your thoughts on the finale. His motivations were always a little warped and towards darker sentiments. This really irritated me. Disagree about Hang Woo, no pity for him whatsoever since he brought this all on himself. So, lots of thanks for your great recap.

Sad that Hang-woo was dragged around by her too. Yeo Chi, she used to be mean, selfish and immature, now she became a responsible woman, married and a mother. I’m recycling my comment in soompi, sorry for not writing new one. But episode 20 was really good so I did hold out that maybe the show still had a few tricks up its sleeve and would surprise us. Yu, who has a strong provincial accent, is becoming desperate after so many years out of work. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Their microphones eventually get cut off, and we see them continuing to yell at each other in total silence. Bum-jeung seems to be sticking to his guns, and Gabi seems all the more relentless for it.

Mystisith March 13, at 5: I’ve enjoyed this drama immensely and this is the first salarryman that I fall in love with again after a long time. Agree with most of your comments at the end.

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It will air its first episode on January 2. Posted December 5, I am not asking you to forgive Hang-Woo, this is just my own personal take on this drama.


By the way, you could just say that you love Hang Woo no matter what he did, cause you think he had great chemistry with Woo Hee epispde they are your favorite couple. He always allows his pride and vanity to come into play.

SalaryMan episode 1 [1/2]

Jeong Gyeong-sun, the writer of the drama, said she wanted to pay tribute to the dedicated and nameless breadwinners slaving away in office cubicles throughout the city.

As long as it doesn’t cover youth dramas, first kisses and first obsessions of the main lead have since age 4 and not yet got over it. Yeo-chi remarks that things are cnohanji so well for them, but this only makes Bang concerned — things that go too well in the beginning have the biggest tendency to go wrong later.

She should be reporting her knowledge to law enforcement but likely afraid to betray Hang Woo. Her calls to Bum-jeung go ignored, as well they should.

Woo-Hee needs to get her head back and be the awesome smarty head that she is. I mean, yeah, she did threaten Gabi but her threat is as good as a paper going against a shredding machine. Chohnaji they can get ahold of the dual contract before the official sentencing, then Gabi will go to jail. He expected her to come running to him.

I had never given much thought to that aspect until now. They justify their actions, as Hang Woo epiaode did instead of seeking to peisode amends.

His lips are dripping honey but he’ll sting you like a bee. I feel wronged somehow. By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, Her singing voice fills his head as he breaks down at her bedside, grasping her hand like a lifeline.


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She worries that all is salxryman for her, but Hang-woo is there to assuage her fears. Also he did it again when Woo-Hee didn’t pick up his phone call in Episode 21 and he decides not to check up on her because he has his own pride. So its these reasons I just don’t like him, so any crying or redemption in this final episode barely phased me. Hope to see you soon!

The debate begins in front of the cameras. His motivation never kept him beyond redemption. Views Read Edit View history.

The finale is good if we are using normal kdrama standard, but for Salaryman’s standard it is like going out without the big firework bang. Although I have yet to learn the art of conciseness, I much prefer listening than to talking.

Hang Salarymzn is BAD person, no one ever convince me xhohanji he can change for the good. Okay okay done ranting now You can feel them stretching it from the same cliffhangers in 2 episodes my heart almost stopped seeing WH almost got run over again and again.