Audible Download Audio Books. Varsity Pictures Nickelodeon Productions. The ninjas are surprised to find that a motorcycle gang member named Two Ton Harley Big Show has escaped from his prison cell with the hopes of being sent to another prison to reunite with his old gang. The ninjas have to face a villain named The Rhymer Christopher Reid. What episode of supah ninjas will ryan higa be in? Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Episode credited cast:

Ryan Higa is a star on Youtube. Mike and Owen find a secret lair under Mike’s bed and have to become ninjas. Retrieved March 13, Nickelodeon cancels Pittsburgh-filmed ‘Supah Ninjas”. He hasnt told yet. Ciara Bravo as Kylie.

Retrieved March 13, He was born on Sept. Owen is having a hard time with the boring discipline of Grandpa’s teachings.

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X Christopher Malekian assassin hired by the mob, is trying to kill a boy Michael Blaiklock with smart computer skills that Mike’s dad is protecting. Tensions flare after Grandfather traps Mike, Owen and Amanda in the dojo to stage an intervention, realizing they’ve forgotten the true meaning of being Ninjas.

At the end of the episode, Amanda joins them binjas being ninjas after she was saved. Yet Amanda and Owen are doubtful of Mike’s accusations since he’s a staunch believer of urban myths. We also find out Connor’s secret: When was Ryan ninjqs from supah ninjas born?


Amanda is captured nlnjas a villain named “Dollhouse” Tyler Poelle who turns people into “living dolls”. Mike goes to his locker and finds his grandpa’s brother, who kidnaps Mike ending the series with Kagema flying off with Mike.

What episode of the Nickelodeon show “Supah Ninjas” will Ryan Higa (Nigahiga) be on?

Skeleton King ” meaning the Skeleton Crew may appear in future episodes. Meanwhile, Amanda tries to help Mike get ready for his date with Julie, telling him about the “hand touch” in which if a girl touches your shoulders she likes you, on your arm, her feelings may change, and on the hand is that she like likes you.

The next day, Mike is now Owen’s wingman, for a girl named Greta.

Owen is in a bit of a crime-fighting slump, so Mike and Amanda try to cheer him up by taking him to a concert at the school ninjjas their favorite deejay, DJ Elephant Head. When is Ryan potters from supah ninjas birthday?

eepisode Owen desperately tries to woo Isabelle, a new Junior transfer, but has no idea she’s actually an undercover detective who’s also pursuing the Skeleton Crew. When Amanda and Mike pair up in the science fair, Owen gets stuck with Quinton as a science fair partner. But an imposter steps up and pretends to be the Supah Ninjas, takes all the credit, and starts to sell T-shirts, hats, and jack-in-the-boxes.


At the dojo, Quinton manages to fix Grandpa. Whenever they attempt to have a date, its always ruined by either Mike or Owen. Meaty —09 Wonder Pets! September 12 is his birthday and he was born in All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April TV.

Scott Amy Lucaswho is stealing Devil Diamond Snakes and plans to use their venom as revenge on the popular kids at Melanie’s party.

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? It episodw him to Madagascar, after getting Mike’s mon back of course. But Amanda gets suspicious of him when she finds out the police still think they’re on the loose.

He was supposed to be in episode x but wasn’t.

What is Ryan potter of supah ninjas middle name? In the last scene, Owen realizes that Amanda likes Mike. David IhlenfeldDavid Wright.

Mike and Amanda find a note which meant “This isn’t over. Mike discovers Connor’s identity as an Ishina. Instead she goes with Flint.