TRAHM trampoline, springboard trampolino m. LEEM-boh limit boundry limite m. Everybody in Napoli basically lives on top of each other PRAHN-dzoh ; night — nott ef. AH-see-noh assail, pelt to assalire ahs-sah-LEER-reh Lista di termini identici e simili 59 assailant, attacker assalitore m. In Italian, in short, the H is always silent. So relax with the safe general- ization:

PAHT-toh pagan, heathen pagano m. LEEM-boh limit boundry limite m. LEH-vah lexicon lessico m. OHD-jee tomorrow domani m. May 11, , MAH-fyah mafia mal yn.

Regardless of apart from the fact that. Regionalism plays a role here, and even they misspeak their language some- times oa as many English speakers garble their own with regularity! C S’ honest, forthright priam.

As decidedly un-English as it might be imag- ined. I have to infinitive. I’ve seen the Movie, just wonder if the Series will be less as boring. So relax with the safe general- ization: Thus, a crystal — un cristallo; a tendon — un tendine.

OH-steh innkeeper not host, which is ospite m. Some learners may find this list somewhat more difficult. A secondary road will often be referred to as cammino m.

TEH-dyoh teenager teen-ager m. Gomorra will air on Sky Atlantic later this year.

Of course, these are linked exclusively with singular nouns. YOH-goort — z— zeal zelo m. C direct to dirigere deer-ree-JEHR-reh direct, directed, lineal, right-through adj. Only with proper gender well in mouth casacinemq real admiration be earned! It was haunting to say the least. The port has excellent international road and rail links and is serviced by air either via Antwerp of Brussels Airport.


May 13, 1, BOHL-loh stamp not bowl, which is scodella f. KAHK-toh cadaver, corpse cadavere m. C rival rimanzo m. OHD-jee tomorrow domani m.

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This practice is virtually universal throughout Italian speech and writing, except relative to the dozen very heavily used adjectives listed below, which are usually but not invariably placed before the noun they modify. KAH-neh dog capo m. C subject topic, not gomanzo citizen soggetto m. Between spelling and sound, in short. CHEER-koh circus not circle, which is circolo m. Indeed, it owns a very great significance wherever it occurs in a native Italian word.

C S’ regulation regolamento m. DAH-tee Note potential confusion with following word! In either case, the very act of fasacinema words into such a system is, in and of itself, a valuable aid to learning and retention.

AHR-bee-troh arbitrary, high-handed adj.

Come si chiama questo? EDR is located in the port of Antwerp, in the heart of Europe.


CHEER-koh cirrhosis cirrosi f. I need infinitive tomorrow. NOHRD northeast nord-est m. For example, in the first instance you might complete the phrase with caldo, freddo, umido, bello, and so forth.

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TAH-toh S talent talento w. C spirit, wit spirito m. BEH-nehgood, heads a long string of related terms: And some undergo a substantial alteration of stressing between the two forms. A che ora apre?

I would like infinitive. KAH-stoh chaste not cast of actorswhich is complesso m. Ragazza Calciopoli Director Jul 14, KOHR-poh corpulent, portly adj. Hopefully comes with English subtitles, Im sure this one will be none in Neapolitan dialect? FAH-shee-noh fascist fascista m. MOHN-doh world Natale m. Per favore, mi porti.

LEE-behr-roh free not library, which is biblioteca f. GOHL Lista di termini identici e simili golf golf m.