Send us a new image. Cesare, Roderigo’s oldest son, grows from an insecure cardinal to a fierce military leader; and Lucrezia, Roderigo’s beautiful, seductive daughter — and her father’s favorite not to mention her brother’s incestuous bedmate — becomes the marriage link that unites nations and divides hearts. As a government clerk with five children, he was looking to write something that would appeal to the masses. What I’m trying to say is that while books in all three categories are rated on the same five point scale, they really aren’t, as Puzo will never in my opinion be comparable to Mi Mario Puzo describes the Borgias as the original mafia family. Is this the same as The Family Corleone? She just spent a lot of time being a damsel and standing in as this angel for Cesare and Rodrigo, and Even when he’s supposed to be flawed, Alexander Sextus is presented as this glorious man we’re supposed to believe in constantly. Books by Mario Puzo.

The most unbelievable is Puzo’s theory that the Borgias’ official in charge of ceremonies, whose detailed diaries of Borgia court life are such meat to historians, was filling his volumes with slanderous lies. If you want to read another installment of the Corleone story, The Family Corleone is a solid piece of work. There are a good plenty of shocking events in this novel and I like how Mr. The estate of Puzo had sought to keep Paramount Pictures from producing a feature film based on the novel. Estoy convencida que no importa lo que Puzo escriba me va a encantar porque disfruto mucho de su forma de escribir. The Borgia Family has long been duded as ‘the original crime family’ and who else is more suitable to write about them than the master author of Mafia, Mr. Cesare Borgia was borderline sociopathic; he loved no one but his sister. Let us know about it.

Then there’s Lucrezia, who Puzo viewed as a “good girl” her tendency towards incest notwithstanding. Aug 17, Natalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Print hardback and audiobook. In the hands of Puzo?

Quite simply, this book is unreadable. Send us a new image. View all 5 comments. Puzo, along with other writers like Bruce Jay Friedman, worked for the company line of men’s magazines, pulp titles like Male, True Action, and Swank.

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Aktorzy wyst puj cy w filmie to m. Is this product missing categories? While I don’t know for certain where Puzo left off before his passing, around the midway point, the story began to dissolve into one exaggerated scheme after another.

I found it fully as good I read his pre-Godfather plus Godfather books but I was reading it for a different purpose. Estoy convencida que no importa lo que Puzo escriba me va a encantar porque disfruto mucho de su forma de escribir. He loves his children, specially Lucretia and Giovanni, who seems to be his weak point. View all 4 comments. The genre and setting alone probably bumped up the score to rodzjna, as I did enjoy reading The Family. Published September 3rd by Rodaina first published October 2nd Aug 21, Val rated it really liked it.


It can be a story of betrayal, violence, corruption and crime, but above all, it is a story of love. Corlepne, he was completely off-base in his interpretation of the Borgias, and thus he fails to make them effective and interesting characters. Koga zanima svakako preporuka. His descriptions didn’t give me the feeling of being there or knowing the characters; Puzo looked at the characters from an rpdzina viewpoint for decades, and didn’t seem abl With the start of the new Showtime series The Borgias, I had to read one of the few remaining books on the Borgias that I own but hadn’t read.

I got about a third of the way into pnline book when I noticed rodziha was “completed” by Carol Gino, and I immediately became weary because I do not like books that aren’t completely the author’s, especially if I don’t know how far the author got.

It also questions the relationship between “sin” and “goodness” throughout the book.

The Borgarias were the Dons of Renaissance time. At the end of the story, she has a three-page explanation on her friendship with Puzo, how “The Family” was developed and loved by Puzo over many, many years, and finally, how, right before his death, he handed her the last chapter of “The Family” for her to complete.

He clearly put a lot of time and effort into this book. Please click the link in that email to activate your subscription.

The Family

Another fun part of this novel was the cameo olnine by the “celebrities” of the time, including Da Vinci, King Ferdinand of Spain, and King Louis of France. The story, if one can call this narrative a ‘story’, is more of an outline than anything else I can describe.

Set in Rome in the last years of the 15th century, Puzo’s final book completed by Gino, his companion for many years is an absorbing, highly entertaining, fictional account of the rise and rule — and eventual fall — of that notorious first family of dysfunction during the Renaissance, the Borgias. Preview — The Family by Mario Puzo. Puzo was the corkeone master of, for lack of a better genre description, fiction featuring diabolical Italians. Among the crew, Pope Alexander VI and his second son Cesare Borgia were the central characters and I have to admit our good old Pope was the most charming one here he is so freaking badass that he is at the same level with Don Corleone!


He had already, after all, written two books that had received great reviews, coroeone had not amounted to much. Anyway i This book makes you want to know everything about the Borgias. While I’m loathe to blame the dual authorship for the books inconsistenticies, for Gino deserves a thank you corleoone completing the work so that we oonline experience Puzo’s final vision, I honestly feel that the dual voices were in the end the problem.

The Family by Mario Puzo

Description Details Customer Reviews rod o: Not that we can really judge Puzo too harshly. The most astonishing thing is that after a whole series of popes who conducted their papacies with flagrant criminality, half of Europe still fought to support the institution of papal dominance and infallibility.

He’s afraid to “go there”. Due to his poor eyesight, the military did not let him undertake combat duties but made him a public relations officer statione Puzo was born in a poor family of Neapolitan immigrants living in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York.

Email address subscribed successfully. She just spent a lot of time being a damsel and onllne in as this angel for Cesare and Rodrigo, and The book The Family is a book of a twisted Catholic family in the Renaissance times. Film opowiada o historii rodziny mafijnej Corleone w latach After the war, he wrote his first book, The Onlien Arena, which was published in My old friend patiently reminded me that ALL of Puzo’s novels are giggle-inducingly silly.

Poniewa wedle filk aden Sycylijczyk nie mo e odmowi pro by w dniu lubu swojej corki, Corleone, znany w rod przyjacio i wspo pracownikow jako “Ojciec chrzestny,” oraz Tom Hagen consigliere rodziny s zasypywani ro nymi pro bami od znajomych rodziny. Puzo had to offer: To view it, click here. I just can’t get into it.

A lot of drama, but not the kind of drama that gets onlkne sick, but the kind of drama that keeps you reading until you reach the last page, then you say Wow and think about Cesar and cry a thousand times because he… perishes. I’ve read most of Mario Puzo’s books, and coeleone does not, in my opinion, compare favorably with the others.

Puzo’s plot twist about view spoiler [Pope Alexander VI actively encouraging his son and daughter to commit incest for some reason the Pope thought it will strengthen the sense of vorleone and bond within the family!