Misty brings her Psyduck there and hopes they will improve it. They hit the road to Indigo Plateau to find a guy named Otoshi who challenges Ash. Ash’s mom thinks it’s Ash, and brings him in for a snack. They find a restaurant where you eat free if you bring in a Psyduck. At the end, Charmander evolves into Charmeleon. Team Rocket invade the school pretending to be magicians.

Jessie manages to steer them to safety. Pummeluff singt vor der ganzen Stadt, und nachdem die Leute tief und fest geschlafen haben, sind sie wieder viel netter zueinander. Gary tells them there is no gym on Cinnibar Island anymore, and that they were wasting their time going. Jigglypuff pops out and starts singing. Running toward the sound in surprise, the party emerges on a construction site where tractors are building a tremendous dam. Unfortunately, James was knocked unconscious by the fall. Gathering all their strength, Ash and Pikachu challenge her.

They escape thanks to Master Bruno. They find everyone on the island asleep, including Blastoise. Disappointed, Ash goes to Professor Oak and his mom. Just after having gone shopping and buying a present to get on the boss’ good side, Jessie encounters a Lickitung.

What exactly is going on? Nur Misty ist skeptisch. Just as Ash is running towards home, he crashes into a wall. Brock hears Florinda asking if he can stay and help with the garden. Team Rocket are waiting for them trying to find ways to catch Pikachu. Ash und seine Freunde haben sich im Wald verlaufen. Arbok and Weezing don’t take the rejection easily, and it takes a talk from Jessie and James to give them more confidence to be famous again.


– Absolute Order – 1 –

Gary decides to offer Ash some leftovers from their banquet if he will beulant around three times and say “Pikachu”. It leads to an abandoned street where they find the old movie theater. They are trapped in the elevator, but Richie has a plan to get Pikachu to power the elevator the rest of the way down. The Clefairy jump in to guard. The group now arrives in Dark City.

The compass did not work, and they are totally lost. Die Stadt ist in Angst und Schrecken versetzt. Meowth has a control panel to blow up the opponents’ side of the playing field, but Gary bursts in to stop him.

En otra parte de la playa, Krabby parece haber localizado algo que agarrar con sus pinzas: On the way to Viridian City, Misty notices that Horsea isn’t feeling well. She needs the mushroom on a Parasect to make a new super potion, but her Paras will not evolve because it isn’t getting any battle experience and is very weak.

Ash gets Charmander to turn it around and it hits Team Rocket who blast off again. Doch er hat keine Zeit, um nachzudenken, denn sein Kampf auf dem Pflanzen-Feld steht kurz bevor.

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Pikachu kann den Fehler aber wieder gut machen und besiegt Tauboga. Victor and Puka pokemno in to save him. Mime to help him. El 16 de diciembre de Ash and the group decide to dig a cave in the snow, and camp out for the night.


It’s nice there, but a little too warm. In this village, a kind-hearted young woman named Melanie cares for these Pokemon. She decides to take Horsea back to the Cerulean City gym to get a chance to swim around in their bigger pool.

In Wirklichkeit hat Team Rocket ihn beauftragt, Pikachu zu fangen Ash steht kurz vor seinem ersten Kampf. They volunteer to help her. Aprovechando esto, Oddish y Bulbasaur escapan.

Pocket Monsters episode 273

Sie wollen ihr helfen, den Dieb zu fangen. What could be the cause of this sleep wave?

De repente, aparece un Pidgeotto volando y aterriza cerca 2273 ellos. They have a tournament and Ash wins it, but Togepi wants to go with Misty because a Togepi thinks the first thing it sees is its parent. The doctor is put to sleep by some anesthetic and while he sleeps, Team Rocket attack.