I haven’t worked for them for three years so please get your facts straight before accusing me of something. This worked extremely well with any content, providing a simulated surround experience that was nearly as accurate as a discrete mix. You certainly made sure to plug your own article in the process so maybe people should question just who is doing something for personal gain here If one sits in the sweet spot, vocals come from the center anyways. As a self confessed two channel audiophile, based in valve and vinyl most of the time I used to think NO processing was always best. DSU flawlessly reproduced the imaging of a large auditorium.

Nic Rhodes , Jan 2, Jan 1, at 2: This type of audio will be detected automatically by an AV receiver if it has an onboard decoder. This can be a big plus for music recordings in my opinion, I don’t like what PLII does it really alters the presentation a lot. My main complaint was how it handled single pairs of overhead speakers, especially a single pair of top middle speakers. Nobber22 , Jan 3,

I’ve been a Dolby Surround Pro-logic listener for 10 years.

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DSU impressively preserved the integrity of the original surround mix, objects panning from the front channels to the rear channels in the original surround mix followed almost exactly the same pattern in the upmix. The scene that conema caught my attention was the Millennium Falcon taking off from tatooine.

Originally Posted by soho54 kheiden, you are digging your own hole now. Inthe decoder was improved upon and renamed Pro Logic. I myself deny it. DPL2 anyday, the music mode is very cool indeed. Jan 1, at 7: Not for the 1st time, i find myself agreeing with The Beekeeper. By default, all sounds coming from the center such as vocals are hard mixed into the center. Jan 3, at 2: It consisted of two tracks mixed as stereo called Right Total and Left Total, containing the left and right tracks, a center channel mixed at -3dB, and the surround channel mixed at -3dB and out of phase with the right, left, and center.


I have a yamaha so it is very easy to switch configurations without losing the EQ. To start off, I used Star Wars: X, it would simply collapse in the fronts with no height channel usage unless the object moved towards the middle of the room directly overhead.

So, if you have height or upfiring speakers connected to your AV receiver, then you can enable this on stereo or standard multichannel soundtracks.

Dolby Prologic II vs DTS NEO 6

The sum of the left and right channels was mixed into the center, and the spatial timing differences were routed into the surrounds. I only use it for two-channel sources, though.

You will pay the same. It can also create a 6. Thanks for sharing this. The height speakers can be ceiling mounted speakers or Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers which fire the sound upwards.

When switching back to stereo, I instantly felt like the sound stage seemed flat and lifeless when compared with DSU. I don’t use it for listening to music as it suggests, I prefer no DSP effects at all, although I don’t listen to music in direct mode because it would bypass bass management.

X using a conventional 5. X in order for you to enjoy this new type of audio experience.

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Originally Posted by bassbone57 Talk about an elephant memory! I should’ve let being called a shill and someone being confused into thinking I’m biased, go completely unanswered.

At some point, I will get around to testing both out with a 7. So long as a sound lied within a different band, it could be steered independently from other sounds.


The Music mode on Circle Surround is flat out amazing. X layout I have seen has no height speakers on the front and rear walls.

Jun 8, at 4: Dieser Modus erweitert jede 2-Kanal-Quelle zur 7. This would allow me to switch back and forth between the multichannel mix and a two channel mix. Dec 23, Messages: This speaker setup, with two extra height speakers, is known as a 5.

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So, if Roger Dressler no longer worked for Dolby ppl2 was out of the industry but posted here that Dolby Pro 2 wipes up Circle Surround in his opinion, you think it should not be said and would be inappropriate for Sanjay to say-“don’t you work for Dolby”?

To test the performance icnema two channel content, I used both movies and music. My receiver does not allow me to cross mix between codecs, the only way to choose either one is to use a PCM mix, at the time of the demos, I did not oedr a BDP capable of decoding audio into multichannel PCM. I am giving my personal opinion now. In diesem Modus wird der Ton von der Eingangsquelle ausgegeben, wie er ist. NewburyBerkshire Ratings: A Dolby Digital EX enabled receiver can decode this type of codec and accommodate an extra surround speaker for a 6.

Jan 1, at 5: