Even thou Lupe is half paralyzed, she is so happy seeing Mara alive. Dan itu yang membuat Arika sebal padanya. Lupe David Gina Pareno is asking Amante to let her go with them because she knew that she can convince her son – Gary to surrender. Now that Lupe David failed to reveal the truth and Mara was not successful in seeing her parents, how will Amante and Alvira knew that their daughter – Mara is still alive? With Christian who courted Mara, Clara saw it and was hurt. Sikapnya ramah, sopan, baik, murah senyum dan pintar. Sahabat untuk Alifa FTV:

Hubungan hancur berantakan lagi. So Clara then just asked Gary David’s Jhong Hilario consent for her to go with her friends having a vacation. Alvira then hurriedly went to the hospital to check on Amante’s condition and she is so worried about him. Clara tells Mara that her father – Gary have called her telling her to go with him and live a new life together. Rico dibintangi oleh Rispy Syahputra. Alvira surprised Amante and Mamang with Mara being with her. Mayor Nathaniel did not make it and died because of that gun shot. Mara is so thankful to Christian because he have risked his life in protecting Mara during the stampede.

To continue solving Mara’s case, the police officers invited Clara for an investigation. Wanda dan Faisal lah orang tua Lara. Envying Mara pushed Clara to go to Mara’s party and there Clara was so mad that it should be her in that party and not Mara. Gary put Mara to a cabinet so that she can not do some stupid things in contacting someone for them to escape from him.

Pashmina Aisha

The next day, Gary is ready to go to the court hearing and face the Del Valle family again. During the exam, Desiree grabbed the chance of accusing Mara when she pemwran her reading a letter given by Christian.

Pemerzn was so mad at Mara knowing that maybe she will not help her. Knowing that Mara’s party is the same day as Clara’s, they believe that Clara went there.

Even thou it is not right, Susan is still hurt knowing that Gary is inlove with Alvira. Susan David Mylene Dizon knew about what Clara did and she is so disappointed with it.


Lupe, Gary’s mother, blames Susan, believing it was all her fault, whilst Gary still has his mind set on Alvira. Going back with Mara and Susan who is with Gary, Susan tells Gary that he is the father of the baby she is carrying right now. Halaman ini terakhir diubah pada 20 Aprilpukul Mara then explained to her foster mother – Susan that she don’t want Christian to be involved with all her problems anymore.

Mara then tells Clara that she is not happy seeing Christian and Derrick fought because of her. Clara then tells Mara that she don’t know anything about Alvira’s disapperance and tells Mara not accuse her. Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. pemedan

Wardatut Toyyibah

Amante then tells Lupe to forget about the past, move on and help them out in putting Gary David Jhong Hilario to prison. Mara did not believe what she have heard with Clara and decided to follow her around to find out if Clara knew where she will be going.

Episode 1 synopsis A rich woman, Alvira breaks up with a man from the slums, Gary after she accepts to take up a college scholarship abroad America. Awalnya Rico kesal sekali pada Arika namun lama kelamaan dia jadi menyukai Arika.

Clara then tells Alvira and Amante Del Valle Bobby Andrews on how she is disappointed with them who have left her behind.

Amante can not forget what Clara did to their family and that he does not want to forgive what Clara did to them. And is Gary true to himself in changing for good for Lupe’s benefit? Gary then tells Clara that he went to see Alvira and checked on her. Clara then agreed and lied to the police officers to save his father gilm Gary from the accusation.

Will Alvira and Amante gets angry with Mara again or will just they forgive her? Amante still wants Clara to be investigated. After defending herself to Clara, Alvira saw Mara as she hurt her daughter but that was pawhmina defensive act from Mara after Clara burned her back with a flat iron. As much as Mara wants to see her parents, it is still not safe for her to see them.


So at school, everything between Mara and Clara also changes. Joseph, anak pemilik hotel jatuh cinta pada Psshmina. Susan and Alvira got a aisyaj talking to each other about themselves and about Mara. Gary then grabbed a box and shouted “Bomba” bomb so that the people around him are going to panic and he can get a chance in escaping from the police officers.

Terkadang Jefry sering egois, tetapi sebenarnya ia adalah teman yang bisa diandalkan. Kala Cinta Tergoda – Video Klip.

Susan then explained to Clara that she should not be jealous with Mara since Christian and Mara are both in love with each other. Mara is safe with Virginia “Parang” and Nanding. When Mara and Clara saw each other pe,eran school, Clara can’t help herself but insult Mara. With this, Lupe asks Clara why she is disturbed and is acting strange. Pak Menaldi membesarkan Arika tanpa seorang ibu.

Mara is so mad at Christian for the surprise because she did not expect to see Christian again and she is ppashmina disappointed with him.

Cowok Impian – Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

Since Clara knows that everybody is against her already, Pashmmina is desperate. Christian checked the house and did not see anyone there then a glass accidentally fell when Lupe tried to grab it.

Sayangnya Tante Tiara tidak memiliki seorang anak perempuan, oleh karena itu Tante Tiara sangat sayang sekali kepada Arika yang sudah dianggapnya sebagai anak sendiri. Clara did not want to go with Gary in the court hearing because she is not ready to face the Del Vilm family yet.

Mara and her mother are now planning to transfer to another place where they could live peacefully. Episodes Restricted Access Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. Gary was so mad at Susan aisyh that both Mara and Clara must be save for Gary only wants Clara being saved. Cinta Mati Sofie Sinema: