When we were shooting scene of Last Supper, I had one inner pocket made on my clothes where I placed relics of saints and one piece of relic of Christ’s Cross. When I came to Medjugorje for second time, I expected to have those first, initial experiences again, but it was different. When I spoke about that with my father, he used to say: Hopkins je u to vrijeme bio apstinent, dok se Gibson borio s alkoholizmom. I didn’t know Fr. Regenerate Image Add comment. I realized that can only happen if Jesus was present in me through the Eucharist, so people would see Jesus through my life. Sve to tvori zanimljiv scenarij, komediju kakva se u hr.

In the very beginning I was still amazed at how much people in Medjugorje prayed. Now, I wanted to pray, but I did not know exactly how to do that. Most of them did not know about Medjugorje, they were all great actors, and we were lucky to get them. Another special challenge was cold whether, temperatures very hardly above zero, which was especially difficult to endure in the scene of Crucifixion. I had strong desire that Jesus is really present and I asked the priest to expose the Blessed Sacrament. Then, somebody hit the cross and my left shoulder was dislocated.

Tako je bilo i u sceni razapinjanja: Dijalog je na jeziku Yucatan Maya. If somebody who doesn’t have any time finds girlfriends and falls in love with her, he will always find time for her.

That was good, in that way I learned Latin.

Jednoga me je dana nazvala i po njezinom sam glasu prepoznao da se kod nje dogodila neka promjena. At that time, Medjugorje reminded me of Bethlehem and I thought, as Jesus was born in a small place, in the same way Mother of God is appearing in one poor village in between hills.

Što je muškarac bez brkova?

Ivan Dragicevic encouraged me and said that God does not always, necessarily choose the best, which is something he sees in his own example. A generalu uniforma ajme! After having lunch on one of those days, pilgrims invited me to go with them to visit Fr. When paija you come to Medjugorje for filn first time?


But how was I to bring Medjugorje to them, if not by my own life? Najbolji glavni glumac Tim Gallipoli.

Add to ‘Articles to Read’. During the time of apparition I glumax close to him and I said in my heart: Hollywood won’t give him many more roles to play, even if filk is definitely a fine leading man, because Hwd. There were always new temptations that I needed to defend myself from, and in those inner battles, I used to feel, not just once, great inner peace.

Moram priznati da je film dobar mada sam se potajno nadao da mi se nece svidjeti jer Hribara ne mogu podnijeti.

Jim Caviezel’s spiritual journey from Medjugorje to Mel Gibson’s Passion

I repeated the words Jesus said to His mother: Things were not paxija great although I worked seven days a week. That was, above all, my wife’s desire. While we made scenes of flagellation, I was caught by those whips twice and I had 14 cm long wound on my back. That means it is not possible to go back, you reach the point of no return. Can you tell us why did you feel that way, and what was the connection between gpumac movie and Medjugorje?

Jim Caviezel

He came forward as to the answer to my prayers: I knew straight at the beginning that I will not have time for him, since I had to work all the time. Bilo je to sasvim jednostavno, a opet jedinstveno. If I wanted to play Jesus, I knew I needed to be very close to him.

Gibson je diplomirao Imenski prostori Stranica Razgovor. Pa ipak, glavne aktere to nije omelo i film zavrsava u stilu Haiku poezija mi je najjaca!


When I spoke about that with my father, he used to say: She started talking about Medjugorje, and how one of visionaries is about to come to Ireland Dobavljeno iz ” https: That is how I thought. Every day I went to confession and I attended Eucharistic Adoration. Film kupi elemente starih spskih filmova, nista novo. Ionak nisam ocekivala previse humora pa nisam razocarana kao sto je vecina ljudi, jer je mislila da ce to biti nesto tipa ‘kako je poceo rat When I was twenty, inner voice was saying to me that I should become an actor.

Gibson na premijeri filma Air America We hope to see you in more films about our Catholic faith and virtue which are so desperately needed during these times.

Mel Gibson na Wikimedijinoj ostavi. The same was in the scene of Crucifixion: We went to restaurant, and I must admit that wine and food I had that night were never as tasteful as in that particular night.

Ona baba na pocetku filma isto luda i malo se zeznula sto je prodala brdo, al ajde May God Bless and protect your family. For instance, where Mother of God approaches me, and I tell her: Then, somebody hit the cross and my left shoulder was dislocated.

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