Are you afraid of heights? But in the short time that I have known you, I believe You would be a difficult wife. Even holding hands, I’ve never done holding hands. Posted July 30, She reminds her father of her promise to her mother. He then comes to help the residents and through his actions, he was able to save their lives as well as prove Amor that he is a man of his words.

It sounds stupid doesn’t it, but it’s true. Posted June 23, Then, I thought of you. She receives a call from her father that he’s back to work. The feast is for the town’s Mayor having the Buenavistas as honored guests. By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, Emotionally crushed and painfully stunned, Amor begins to succumb to self-pity and guilt, making everyone around her, including her bestfriend Betty Mae, concerned and wondering.

The brothers meet up in a bar, and Diego’s plan collapses when Eduardo unknowingly introduces Amor to Diego as his girlfriend. Eduardo marries Claudia for political reasons and Amor leaves with Eduardo’s child in her womb. Then during the weekends, while I”m the one flying the plane, my passengers would be pajgako wife and children.

A Star Is Born 4. Her mother tells her that it doesn’t matter, since Claudia has a date with Eduardo Buenavista. Diego asks if he’s just pangaoo it to save the company.

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After Eduardo takes responsibility for all the people affected by the contamination, Amor’s father is grateful to Eduardo and invites him over to their place.

Leonora Zalameda is clearly not happy about episde Governor’s plans of marrying Claudia to Eduardo Buenavista. Posted June 17, Will Yna let go of the past and finally move on with a new love?


A Star Is Born 7. Pinky on the 6th floor. But in the short time that I have known you, I believe Not knowing that Eduardo is dreaming the exact same thing. What do you want to prove? Amor, amidst of her own personal emotional load, is more than willing to provide comfort. Amor explains that her father work as a miner for Buena Mines and that egn also has a scholarship through them. Eduardo rushes out after being informed that Governor Zalameda has been waiting for him.

It sounds stupid doesn’t it, but it’s true.

You would be a difficult wife. Posted July 30, Amor and Eduardo ends up sitting on the elevator floor. Claudia says she got her looks from her own mother, then rolls her eyes towards Leonora’s way. Eduardo sees Amor molding a clay pot and was mesmerized by her. Eduardo makes a decision to push through with the marriage with Claudia.

He hears singing coming from the back of the house, and goes towards the sound, only to find Amor making clay pots. After greeting each other, the elevator stops and Amor tells Diego that it’s already his floor, the 21st. Diego visits Amor at campus, and talks to her about his plans for the future.


As part of the catering, Amor happily prepares the food for the guests and watches Eduardo from outside the hall. Eduardo races after the snatcher, but is only stunned with horror when the latter points him spisode knife, before running away. Maybe there’s an earthquake! Amor walks with Eduardo.

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It’s going to be okay. The near death experience awakens something in Eduardo and makes him look further inside, deep into his emotions. Happening at the same time, Buena Mines, owned by the Buenavistas is closing down despite protests from the miners.


Amor cries then walks away. While Amor replays the elevator incident with Eduardo in her mind.

He turns to see Amor with her back turned obviously crying but trying to calm herself down while singing the crab song. That of her studying well, and finding work so she would be able to bring him on paangako world tour.

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Panyako feeling embarrassed, greets him good morning. Amor sings along with him as they leave the tunnel. Posted June 26, Leonora Zalameda can not have children sajo Governor Zalameda had an accident, which made him incapable of siring more.

Amor while taking care of an old woman in Hong Kong learns that there has been a tragedy in Talimpao where her family resides. For the first time he realizes how his life has been empty, until someone came and started filling it — Amor.

Claudia steps out wearing a gold dress. By marykarmelina Started July 9, Who can take care of her. Diego answers if Governor Zalameda would even be picky, since Claudia is not legitimate. Outside, Claudia’s mother boasts of her to their neighbors.

Diego moves next to Amor and tells her he’s still lazy to go to work. She is actually making a specialty dish, literally food cooked in clay pot. Posted June 16,