This cigar provides an amazing experience when paired with a nice red. So rare for a four piece band to have the ability to all be lead vocalists. Yes 0 No 0. There is a wonderful sweetness to the tobacco creating childhood memories of all the candy my parents would not let me eat. Oliva Ships Melanio Maduro Extensions. Slightly more chocolate like you said in the maduro but I thought the regular Melanio had more consistency.

Everyone yelled out her name. They are apparently not as limited as they used to be. And we were thrown a party. I still would reach for the Sumatra-wrapped Serie V Melanio first. Further proving that the third time really is the charm, Melanio Maduro comes bounding down the wish-fulfilling highway at full speed straight into the anticipatory arms of the wise. Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust. Both of our sponsor shops are out of stock on these cigars at the time of this writing, but if you want these sticks, it would be good to keep an eye on Small Batch and Cigar and Pipes.

Even CA has noted this changes. Thank you Frank…I missed me too. So a big mauro, by the boys in the band, was planned.

Oliva Serie O 4. Add to Wish List.

Jimmie the Mum mleanio I got bored living like a pauper and The Kind had begun to no longer interest me. We were exhausted from humping the gear. Click here for contest winners. Back to the club… After an hour, Charlotte split.

Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro Cigar Review – The Stogie Review

I love the Maduro even more. Prelight This cigar was adorned with the regular Oliva Serie V main band, as well as an inverted version of the Melanio secondary band. Happened to me just the other day. Inhis grandson Gilberto Oliva would launch the Oliva cigar brand, produced in Esteli, Nicaragua. I over use these words but until I find a Thesaurus that provides better adjectives, I must continue to say how nuanced and subtle the underlying flavors are.


And they played maybe times per week. Mexican San Andres Maduro.

Good volume of smooth smoke. This is your brain lying on the floor because your wife accidentally crowned you with a cast iron pan. I forgot to mention that this cigar has something like months of humidor time. Both of our sponsor shops are out of stock on these cigars at oilva time of this writing, but if you want these sticks, it would be torpeddo to keep an eye on Small Batch and Cigar and Pipes. I assessed this cigar to be medium to full in strength. The Melanio gets its name from family patriarch Melanio Oliva.

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Truly the color of a cup of espresso. I cant knock him for it.

Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

This site uses cookies. I kid, but honestly, this carefully crafted full-bodied handmade brings a deeper, richer bouquet to table than its already impressive brother the Serie ‘V’ Melanio. I was already dating a bevy of beauties in Tahoe. Great on weekend crisp fall mornings on the back porch with a good cup of coffee, watching the deer and squirrels. Ever notice that some smokers do not like Maduro blends? Also props to shipping staff getting them shipped out so quick, and as they were a gift I asked for a sealed box and they came through, with even the plastic wrap still intact, class act.


I previously covered the Phoenix and national cigar scene for Examiner. I would prefer to just sit quietly while watching camel porn on my laptop and not try to dissect the blend. I have smoked the Serie V for sometime now and my sons, oldest in particular comes over and has his choice of all my cigars.

Nicaraguan cigar binders are produced mainly in Esteli and Jalapa, both lands with volcanic soil and excellent climate for growing tobacco. Check out our friends at Developing Palates. The binder is a full tobacco leaf that is used to roll the cigar, binding the filler tobaccos together. Great review brother The Oliva Family is a jewel in cigar industry. My review sample was a little stiffer than usual but the density of the smoke produced solid flavor, even with a lack of smoke.

I did a lot of hiking around the trails of Tahoe to keep busy. These are available in Churchill, Robusto and Torpedo on virtually every online site out there. The perfect place to smoke a doob while watching the sun go down. The burn rate and burn temperature were ideal. I have the Torpedos and Robustos in my collection right now. Grab a box and hoard them with your life.