These cigars are spectacular! Their consistent quality is unsurpassed. It’s worth the cost, particularly when they’re on sale at CI! Thank you CI best box deal and cigar of my orders yet. I gave some away and I will let the rest sit in the humi for a few months to see if it changes. I put it right up there with Padron, which is the best cigar on the planet. Cigars International always promptly ships my order. Excellent smoke, smooth from start to finish.

I think the Sumatra wrapper perfects this blend. Maintains consistency in craftmanship, taste and value like no other stick in it’s price category. Everything written about these are true. Beginning with an incredible boxed presentation, this cigar has everything. I like the cigar, but I feel like it is a little pricey versus what you really get. This is my favorite cigar, I only wish they were cheaper.

These cigars are spectacular! Not sure what was wrong.

The Wrapper is gorgeous in appearance and delightful in flavor. Top of the line. Will buy again on sale or special. Thank you CI best box deal and cigar of my orders yet. mwduro


Excellent cigar right out of box. Full flavored but smooth, not ooiva. Cigars International always promptly ships my order. Perfect draw, even burn, fabulous taste. Add to compare Compare.

Very smooth and tasty stick. I purchased both the Churchill and Torpedo boxes, and they are both excellent cigars–well worth the investment. Great Cigar and Make Me an Offer was even better. Need good humidor to remain moist.

Never a bad one in the bunch. Flawless construction, excellent Draw and Burn, Wonderful Flavor. I take advantage of the deals when offered otherwise more than I can swing. Give ’em a try I have reviewed these several times and nothing has changed.

Ill keep searching for other options.

Oliva Serie V – Melanio Maduro Gran Reserva Limitada Robusto Cigar – Single

Have to restock, since I smoked all of mine. All that changed the first time we tried these cigars.

Skillfully handcrafted, even burning, with a smooth, mellow tobacco flavor. I am truly a fan of the Melanio and haven’t been diappointed with any of the sizes. Those who haven’t yet, need to!


They are a nice, easy smoking medium cigars that are great for sharing. Even burning, medium to strong, great flavor, well constructed.

Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto | Cigar Aficionado

This is my fifth or sixth box and they never get old. Cigar that needs to be savored. These ones are better than those ones! They are double the price out here in Hawaii. I will leave in my humidor for a couple of weeks and hope the other cigars do not have the same fate.

Harsh at first, but ten months in a humidor and you’ll thank yourself for being patient. The second time I tried through the Make Me an Offer portal and even saved some money.