Give ’em a try Probably the best one I’ve had yet. Excellent construction and quality. I’m still not a expert of detecting leather or coffee or anything else but this one never disappoints. Made by a small group of rollers and blended for strength and style, the Serie V line was an immediate hit. Ordering Order Online or by Phone: Flavor full and robust. Even burning, medium to strong, great flavor, well constructed.

Top cigar of is just as good five years later! I will leave in my humidor for a couple of weeks and hope the other cigars do not have the same fate. Always keep humi stock with em. Flawless construction, excellent Draw and Burn, Wonderful Flavor. Melanio always provides a smooth, very full body smoke, I usually smoke smaller sizes which deliver a lot of flavor. This cigar and the rocky Patel decade cigar are two of my favorites! Very smooth draw, even burn and good flavor!!! This is my all time favorite cigar.

Cigars International serei promptly ships my order. These remain among my favorites! I won this box of Melanio robusto. This is my favorite cigar. It’s a great stick. I’ll definitively buy more of it. Easy draw, great taste, consistent quality box after box after box. As with so many cigar stories, Gilberto Oliva Sr.

Very, verynice! It does all things great in my book. Excellent cigar, no need to wonder why it ranks so high.

We will be purchasing more in the future. A perfect cigar for when you really are distracted by a physical activity.


Cigar Aficionado

These ones are better than those ones! Smooth, medium to full body with many nuances in theflavor. I really enjoyed these cigars. Excellent smoke from beginning to end. figugado

Oliva Serie V – Melanio Gran Reserva Figurado Cigar – Box of 10

seeie All cigars should be made this well. The size is perfect for a few holes of enjoyment. Even burning, medium to strong, great flavor, well constructed. Nice smoke from start to finish.

Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado | Cigar Aficionado

Still delicious and great construction!!!! Burns and smokes oilva and true. Fantastic cigar,great taste and aroma. Cigar that needs to be savored. For the price an amazing deal. Good draw and flavors of cocoa and spice. In addition to having a great taste, there is the consistency in the quality of production. So much value for the money! Perfect draw, clean burn, dark and tasty plumes of smoke. Fiugrado a week in and they were what I had expected.

Consistent would be the one word to describe these smokes. Goes well with coffee or good ole single malt scotch. A year later, they set out to open a factory of their own, and shortened their brand name to Oliva. This is my favorite cigar!!! This cigar and the rocky Patel decade cigar are two of my favorites! The proliferation of brands and styles are overwhelming today, but Oliva is consistently a go to for me. What a treat for an hour long smoke.


Great cigar Compliments with a nice coffee excellent. Smooth, easy draw with a hearty bouquet, I will never let my humi run out of these. The burn is even and the construction looks good.

This is an outstanding cigar. This is a Great Cigar for the end of a Stressfull work day paired with your favorite adult beverage. These are quite possibly the most satisfying cigars I have ever smoked!

Satisfied customer thru and thru! This cigar is absolutely perfect in every way. Very consistent from start meoanio finish.

Noticeable difference serke the Olivia name was sold, still a very good cigar but not as good. Oliva V is a fantastic, tasty cigar.

Usually wait for them to go on sale though. I even shard with the guys and everyone enjoyed. They are my new favorite size, perfect smoke!!!

A must to have in your humidor! I gave these as a birthday gift to my friend. I’ve discovered the Oliva Melanio V and have stayed with it. This is a perfect smoke when you need a little alone fiugrado but can’t indulge in a lengthy cigar.

The box was dry and the cigars lacked humidity.