Click the flower pot as shown. This takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 mins. Click on the symbol on the paper he is holding to get the next conestellation 1 2 You know the drill. Always keep an eye on the clock in the top right corner of the Neopets menu. I am using the thedailyneopets constellation finder as i have found it to be the easiest and user friendly. Bigdog, I have a forum which I put altador plot in it. Once you’ve performed an action, wait until the next minute before checking on the petpet and performing the correct action again.

I’d tried various methods, but none worked except this one! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. But you must complete the treatment within the minute. This method worked on the first time for me and my brother. The Wocky, Korbat, and Buzz approach. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. No offense , but your guide didn’t really help me and it’s really confusing me.

I have tried TDNs method, they went into detail, but it didn’t seem to work for me. If you get anything less then just out an X on your note pad. Watch the show HERE. Hmm, well I think I’ll probally just wait a bit and try again later. When you’ve got it, click submit! In the basement with the gears, caeolus are 3 sets of gears, 4 on the 1sr, 2 on the 2nd and 4 on the 3rd.

Now click on one of the waves To get this 1 You know the drill. It doesn’t help for me, but the petpet has never liked me, really. And that’s assuming she even remembers what happened — she might have made sure that the spell affected her own memory, so that she could honestly deny any knowledge of what she did.

Visit any World’s Weather page when it is alhador or rainy. I had almost given up. Now, each time you check on the petpet you will have to perform the respective action.


Click this link and choose return to hall of heros. Vaeolus By wolfishgirlFebruary 28, in Neopets Help. Basicly, you are looking to get 15 lines after the centre line.

Healing the Vaeolus

When you have all 3 numbers you need, put the rocks back into the correct gears and refresh. Now, the tab or window you have open with the constellation from the golden cup, click return to punch club it saves you doing it all again.

Now this part is a little tricky but is not as hard as it seems. We’re gonna wait by the door, and when he comes back in, that’s when we’ll make our move! It takes quite a few refreshes so be pacient with it.

I hate that bird. Exquisite Ambrosia will have. Posted January 20, Now, once you have entered in your X and Y coordinates, press enter and slowly move your mouse over each book shelf on each bookcase till it is clickable, when it is, open it up in a new tab. This takes anywhere from alttador seconds to 2 mins. If neopefs notice that you have completed more than 10 actions and that the Petpet isn’t healed yet, it means that you are doing something wrong.

I just remember it today and thought I’d try again and this finally worked!!! Let’s see what the Archivist has to say about this.

neoets Register a new account. After flooding Altador start in veaolus room on the far left; click each valve once only, then move into the middle room and click each valve or lever once only, then go into the room on the far right and click each valve or lever once only.

Perhaps you should take him to the Archivist. You will need to put all your neopoints in the bank and only withdraw exactly times the current inflation rate for each shop. I can’t remember for sure, but I think I used the guide off of some inferior sight.


Now that you are ready, head to the Lenny Archivist’s room and click on the petpet. Then click this link and choose UH OH? He can stay here until he’s ready to plor, of course.

Put a rock in the first gear on the first line then click the button behind the janitor vaeolua see what you get. No selling of items is allowed in the Archives!

You can get this avatar by attending the concert when this concerts is being played on that day. Click on the piece of wood nneopets the door shut. Already have an account? The hard way and the alfador way. Start by flooding altador. It doesn’t matter what time it is between then, but it has to be every NT minute. Once you see the bandage, click on it as shown in the picture below.

need major help with healing the Vaeolus – Altador Plot – The Daily Neopets Forum

Then when I went back to the Vaeolus and the option was back. This neoppets for derrick. Do this ten times, and on the eleventh a Skeith from the Petpet Protection League should appear.

If you click on the statue of Fauna, then click on the tippy top of the picture, you will see the gems above her head are lit up! I wish i read that before LOL i had hard time healing it well it doesn’t matter anymore lol i finished it thank to TDN: Doesn’t say anything about missing options. Warning – It’s Addictive.

We now altzdor to get the spell book.