The Phantom transforms the stage into the real setting of the play with even the audience members becoming part of the background. Myriad Colors Phantom World The cover of the first novel. However, their latest reward is confiscated after their battle with a Phantom caused damage to the school. Before they know it, Koito, Kurumi and Reina join the gathering as well. Koito meets young student Kurumi Kumamakura and her teddy bear Albrecht who cares for the schools rabbit. Anime and Manga portal. Haruhiko realizes Mai is struggling and does his best to be as little trouble as possible, so Mai takes him to the park.

However, she is now unable to fly and if anyone is able to guess she is really Ruru she will shrink back to her usual size. Road to Violet Evergarden Untitled Free! Haruhiko finds that while he now knows how to fight he lacks the athletic ability to actually be able to. In the hospital Haruhiko’s mother wakes up and they enjoy a tearful reunion. Elsewhere the Phantom Witch comes across a Phantom firework who wishes to be able to make the most impressive bang ever. The team are being watched by a young girl with a teddy bear.

Some time later, some students are attacked by Enigma, who steals their powers by kissing them. A gang of Phantom Monkeys transform the school grounds into their own Hot Spring which is guarded by a large perverted Monkey Phantom so no one else can use it.

They realize Reina was targeted by the Phantom due to her unhappy home life. It is suggested this is because Haruhiko no longer has powers and it has affected Ruru due to how close the two are. His mother attacks her, revealing that she is in fact being possessed by Enigma. Kurumi has Albrecht repair the device. The cover of the first novel.

The Phantom attacks and renders Koito unable to sing. Though she initially refuses she later joins Haruhiko and Mai in dealing with telephone pole phantoms by defeating them in a limbo contest.

Despite trying their best while being embarrassed, their attacks have no effect at all. Retrieved 16 October Working together to defeat the Phantom they end up winning the competition.


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Ruru immediately wishes to be human sized so the Phantom transforms her into a normal girl and arranges for her to join Haruhiko’s class as new student Natsuno Ramune. Haruhiko realizes Mai is struggling and does his best to be as little trouble as possible, so Mai takes him to the park.

The Phantom firework suddenly crashes the festival and puts people at risk from his imminent explosion. Mai decides to train Haruhiko and Reina to fight alongside her but fails. She explains she has avoided people since her power appeared and usually fights Phantoms alone. Oath’s Finale Free! Everybody watches the fireworks together.

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Retrieved 22 January They begin rehearsals which they find quite demanding. Cklors steps in and attempts to fight Enigma but is hurt while protecting Ruru. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use phanttom Privacy Policy.

On the night of the competition Kitajima, who is playing the evil Phantom, is revealed to be an actual Phantom born from the frustration of the school students who have been losing the competition every year for ten years and whose only desire is to finally win. Haruhiko starts with a brief explanation about how anything imagined from the human mind can turn into a Phantom.

Attempts are made to lure the Phantom out of the water using girls in a variety of revealing outfits, but the Phantom isn’t attracted to any of them. The first day pass by without anything happened, and they thought that since there is no visitors, probably the Phantom had moved to somewhere else.

However, the students are later warned by Himeno about the appearance of a dangerous and powerful Phantom called Enigma, who attacks humans with special powers to steal them. An anime adaptation aired between 7 January and 31 March While the girls worry about the unconscious Haruhiko, Ruru is also seen to have fallen unconscious at the same time Haruhiko did.

With the summer festival approaching Haruhiko talks about the use of fireworks to mourn the passing of the dead.


At the club Mai asks Kurumi for help dealing with a Phantom and Kurumi happily agrees to help. They discover Alayashiki had been researching students abilities in order to artificially make Phantoms stronger for uses ranging from googanime labor to disposable soldiers. Retrieved January 31, Mai is seen protecting a young boy against a large Sand Phantom.

Even though the vast majority of phantoms are harmless, many of these gifted children are placed in clubs and organizations dedicated to dealing with phantoms that prove to be nuisances or threats to humanity. Gotoanime attempt to defeat the Phantom fails and even Haruhiko is unable to seal the Phantom with his sketch book as he cannot see the Phantoms feet underwater and therefore cannot draw them.

Haruhiko and the others are told by Himeno that Enigma wants data about Phantoms which she can combine with the Phantom summoning ability she stole from Haruhiko to summon and control all Phantoms and rule the world.

Enigma returns to Alayashiki Hospital searching for information.

Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 4 English Subbed at gogoanime

Koito insists on hunting the Phantom alone without help. Instead she goes to Haruhiko’s house and demands he finish fixing the device from the warehouse as it can access the Alayashiki computers and possibly information worle Enigma. Haruhiko suggests they copy Mai’s memories into his brain so he can fight without having to train. They are asked to take down security robots that have become Phantoms in an abandoned factory, where Haruhiko retrieves a mysterious device.

He heads to his old junior school where he believes he is in first grade. The series’ music is composed by Effy.

Haruhiko explains the thought experiment Schrodinger’s cat and how it relates to Quantum mechanics. In return, the lodging and food fees will be free.