I think he can make her really happy, and give her a good life, if she chooses him. JW just looks at her weirdly, saying what? He says he wants to, to make it shiny. And then starts working, as if he gains strength through her memories. And humans err a lot and sometimes do really shitty things looking at you, Joo-wal! The little Arang wad so cute.

Cho asks her when she will submit her report? Dol swe and bw so cute! IM confides in CH, saying he is scared to death, they even hit him with a book and pen, and wants them sued. What are you gonna do?! He asks why she is talking so formally with him? HJ tunrs to see her, and asks why she cries? She asks if he is ignoring her?

OH YES, you tell him! He laughs and she follows him to their car, but just then CH rushes there. How much does she know about him? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She tells him to stop yelling. How can one goes on living when he remembers that the person who truly loves him died for him and then died again because of him, all the while he felt nothing in return? Qjeen takes her to to the shoe store, and she tries on a heel.


These cowardly steps that I took with a fearful heart, I will now end.

Dol Swe is now the magistrate, giving a possibility that young EO will also become the magistrate one day. GH and BH are talking to a doctor, and he tells them he will let them know about the results when the blood test comes out.

She asks if he is tired? Blooimngbird tells her to continue learning design from him.

JW claps, and BH glares. She treasures her like she treasured Chun.

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This drama has ended. He bloomingbird how she can do this to her sister? If we don;t pet him once in a while, he will run off crazily. KS is determined to find out on his own, at least he is sure his father was braver than him, to give up on his family and country to be with the girl he loved.

She cries, telling him to answer back!

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The final rejection being that he weds IH. DS points at her, and tells her not to interfere. She then throws the wig and tries to grab her real hair, but KS stops her. EO was cried so sadly. I discovered him last year and he was such a delight in Delightful girl. The one who caused my death was myself. He is dragging her away, by grabbing her hair, telling her to follow him, he will teach her a lesson.


The only woman his father acknowledges. HJ suggests they go to the factory then, and he asks what for? I hope the recap continue Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: And his reactions when he spoke to Arang was sooo.

He already told him to use the thrusters they originally made! He goes out to talk, and its none other then HJ.

GH is shocked seeing the scar and asks if she is HJ? You are commenting using your Facebook account. IM just looks nervous. The Finale is so Great…Love it!! It is very contrast: See some other time MQ is not really typical because a lot of the revenge plots haven’t come to fruition because people are still oblivious to what’s going on.