I wonder if the guy who shut off the lights is the same guy who gave her the gun, and if he killed the yakuza while framing Bakamono as the culprit. May 11, Location: This page was last edited on 19 February , at Samara Morgane , Sep 11, May 29, Location: She had no reason for appearing.

Download Subtitles here Download Torrents here. It reminds me of how Atsuko changed from season one to season two. Her character is completely different from how she was in season two, who was a calm and composed tactician. Last edited by a moderator: ScandalAgeman , Sep 12, After the battle with everything on the line last week and Salt nowhere to be found. This week Sakura will match up against the last of the four heavenly queens, Otabe!

Jul 2, Location: Find out what happens as the murder of Salt gains media attention and raises repercussions throughout the city! She jajisuka appear dumb at all. And I get so excited when they show up.

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Season 4 was my least favorite season because it was short, had bad music, and felt like a combination of seasons 1 and 2. Back with more Majisuka Gakuen!! Similar to the way American Horror Story does it.

And if they are why are they doing it now? I think Aidol are the best. This week Sakura will match up against najisuka last of the four heavenly queens, Otabe!

Will this girl with majissuka unbelievable level of stupidity and strength be able to beat Miyawaki!? Download Subtitles here Download Torrents here Dailymotion stream: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Do you already have an account? I meaning that to all words that have a “ou” and not just Gekiokou! Did season 3 sales bomb or something? I was surprised to find out that both season 4 and 5 have been released this year.


Download Subtitles here Download Torrents here. Will re-upload fixed version soon! The real battle is still yet to begin! I like how most of the cast are new gen members. I skipped season 3 and will watch it after season 5 ends. I’m surprised season 4 didn’t continue from where season 3 left off and just became a reboot.

The story of the Brawl at Kisarazu” which first to feature HKT48 as the main cast and first to have a collaboration with the rock group Kishidan. Click episod to see it and check how your oshimen did!

The characters had VERY little characterization, as Sakura’s reason for wanting to aim for the top was very weak. The final step before Salt-san, or is it? And is she ready to take the weight of everything that Salt carries?

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Even so, they could’ve just kept her a Majijo student if this was the plan. The first season aired in on TV Tokyo.

Season four could’ve expanded on the characters and their backstory. Shocking developments and fast paced action will keep you at the edge of your seats! Antonio and Coby getting held back was even more confusing.


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Apr 9, Location: That doesn’t make mxjisuka sense! You can help by adding to it. But there can only be one winner, find out who that will be in the video below!

What step will the worried parents of the yankees students take when suh safety of their children is at stake!? Judging from the prison logo, it appears that the child died as a baby.

What kind of tricks will she use against Sakura, and will Sakura be able to overcome these tricks? Of course it is pretty convenient for the clan when Gekioko started the trouble and Antonio helped her girls then Salt saved her by beating Ryutou clan’s men Or so it sounds according to team Hinabe’s conversation ; And that Bakamono used to work as intern for them, making it even easier to use her in this incident after Rappappa’s meeting with Ryutou clan.