His voice is suitably dramatic yet not overly so and his pace and cadence are flawless. View all 3 comments. Not logical, but religious belief rarely is. His villains are ambitious, brutal, and ruthless. Every second object in the palace or the gracious homes he had seen seemed to be made of carved and polished ivory, imported by ship from the east. Things could be worse, of course. While there are many great and enjoyable fantasy authors, Kay is in a completely different league than most. The admiration of the two men for each other is obvious, as they are the ‘best’ each nation has to offer.

August buddy read with Candace! People who bought this also bought You are commenting using your Facebook account. So the character of Mazur ben Avren aligns with the history of our world. There are a host of secondary characters that largely took away from our main four: Whew…is there anything good I can say about the book?

It is historical fantasy, with little or none fantastic elements.

The Lions of Al-Rassan

And that’s all I can really say. This book deserves an a-game. Sure, there are characters and situations cilm are clearly bad and clearly good, but the main characters are depicted as being wholly human. They were forbidden to ride horses, to have intimate congress with Asharites [Muslims], to build the roofs of their sanctuaries higher than any temple of the Asharites [Muslims] in the same city or town.

I’m a romantic at heart, and I was looking for something compelling But this was more than amazing for me. They went out together, naked, with the marks of their lovemaking on both of them, to stand on the dark balcony one level above the square teeming with masked crowds.

The significant fact is that most Muslims in all periods of Islamic Spain were subject to clerical policing of detailed religious observance.

The Reconquest, of course, had been prosecuted on-and-off a,-rassan over years since the s, but by the s popes began treating Reconquest efforts as a religious campaign equivalent with the emerging theology of holy war.

The two finally meet on the battlefield, each at the head of opposing armies. In fact, the only issue I had with the book was my own lack of historical knowledge.


I won’t al-rassaan it’s my all-time favorite, but it’s on the short list. I think this is a point for many liberal-minded Muslims today who get defensive when Islam is criticized as a system of toxic beliefs that is inherently more dangerous than other religions. Every man, woman, and lion has been liquidated by a global uprising devised by the very machines humans designed and built to serve them.

I don’t really dislike the book, like I did The Hunger O for instance, reviewed hereI just didn’t like it. You read them, love and appreciate them, put them back on al-rassa shelf, and move on. All the cultures portrayed proved to be violent and fearful in their own ways, but then again they all had strong moral al-rasssan artistic values they held in high esteem just as we all do today.

The definition of civilization and the search for the attributes of a civilized society in a hard divided world is another theme of the novel. My mom stopped taking my calls because instead al-raxsan happy mother’s day, I quoted lines from this book when I talked to her. The protection could be revoked at a whim and often was. I won’t say it’s my all-time favorite, bu I needed a couple of days to let this sink in before writing a review. The severed heads were tossed carelessly onto a bloody pile not far from where the prince of Cartada [Cordoba] sat, ostensibly waiting to receive the most prominent citizens of the most difficult cities he was one day to rule, if he lived long enough.

Point two is that Rodrigo et al. I’ve needed you so much. I was upset about the death, but it was kind of overshadowed by a feeling that I was being manipulated. If you had to guess the historical period, you might not surmise a medieval nation under Islamic rule.

Lionns Norton, Mercedes Lackey Narrated by: The prose felt to me like what a 15 year-old boy would find amazing. The author blends different cultures into a beguiling tale of warring states, sultry decline, petty revenges, human ambition, atrocities, greed and religious hatred, but also love, loyalty, growth, understanding and healing, where people pay the price of pursuing their dreams, and where the free will of the characters, and chance history, will shape the al-raassan of a whole land.


Yet some among the Kindath [Jews] had risen high among the courts of the [taifa] kings. In the dangerous lands of Al-Rassan, these two men from different worlds meet and serve – for a time – the same master.

And from the teachings of the clerics of Jad [Christ] and al-eassan high priests of the Kindath [Jews], ap-rassan, for that matter. Twisting, he managed to free his arms in the press of people and put them around the spider. So this is going to be something of an itemized review A strong advantage of the alternate-world genre is that it allows Kay to telescope historical events for simplicity and better effect.

Nov 07, Kate Quinn rated it it was amazing. You always touch my soul.

In fact, I hate to stick a genre label to this book at all, because it truly transcends labeling. Along the way he will encounter a great beast.

The Lions of Al-Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay

Kay elevates the tension and drama by using cliffhangers, intentionally withholding information, and even playing a trick on the reader in the epilogue. Spoiler for the end: I loved that the characters were honorable remained loyal and true to themselves. From the international best-selling author of the Broken Empire Trilogy comes the first in a brilliant new breakout fantasy series.

Which is what the one star is for. Things could be worse, of course. For instance, the one that bothered me the most was a scene in which a character died. The Jaddites are the Christians, worshiping the sun. Or will it be with one of the minor characters?

On his head he wore a brown, wide-brimmed leather hat. Silvenes, the capital of the former Khalifate of Al-Rassan, now ruined and largely abandoned, is seen wistfully as the symbol of civilization lost.