To ask other readers questions about Blackout , please sign up. You will not see or speak this evening. Somewhat far fetched conjecture, but that’s not too bad either. A techno thriller, a very real threat, action, mayhem, all was promised in the premise but it never really got off the ground for me. Humorous entertainment with a head in the charming theater directly at the memory church. Stella’s credo is life, survival. Europe’s power grid is attacked by unknown terrorists, and one of the few people that can help the continent is Piero Manzano, an Italian hacker. I’ve been through seven day electrical blackouts and this was reminiscent.

Marc Elsberg had a wonderful idea, one that will make people think about the world today, but it did not hit the spot I had been hoping it would. Es eignet sich allenfalls zum ausgiebigen Zeittotschlagen. Picture trip south England and Cornwall. Blackout was translated into English from German and while I had high hopes this book would be as it is described it fell flat. In that very moment, through the streaks of your windscreen, you see the… Read more. I abandoned The premise for this book was great. Piero Manzano was a poor shadow of Brown’s Robert Langdon. It was the rare interval that lasted more than two pages.

The idea for this novel is interesting, unfortunately the execution is confusing. Dennoch bin ich erleichtert, es jetzt durch zu haben und das ist einfach nie ein gutes Zeichen.

No trivia or quizzes yet. When the power goes out one night, no one thinks anything of it and they simply wait for it to come back. The plot around what happened wasn’t necessarily hard to follow but the constant shift to different events did make things a bit confusing.

Legends of the November Revolution History. But the churches were silent in the firelight of violent events. The magic of the finest quality has a name in Berlin: A picture journey in the land of Rosamunde Pilcher Read more.


I feel if that had been cut back a little and the plot brought out quicker, this could have been a 4 or 5 star read. The descent in chaos was almost believable but very quickly the combination of the prose style, translation and frankly, daft events made this book read like a bad Dan Brown story.

Scranton – Wilkes – Barre – Hazleton, PA

The premise for this book was great. Nearly five years after the spectacular opening of the Neues Museum, its permanent exhibition is now complete. The author goes into lot of detail about the electrical grid in Europe that takes up way too much times bring wiederholuny book to a complete and utter stop.

Despite this, there was some pretty solid research throughout the book. It was hard for me to enjoy this. It all felt more like some minutes from oh so many boring meetings than a thriller This story could have miclhgeld told in half those pages if not less making it a much more thriller story and less punishment to read. The Polish translation didn’t feel right.

I wanted someone to do something interesting, I wanted something to come out about one of the characters that would have made me obsessed with their characterisation. But sometimes anger is just there. The Easter-Special at the Extavium: Sustainability and animal welfare don’t really hurt now either.

Είδωλα της πόλης

Iflm Personen sind total eindimensional und sind austauschbar und es sind viel zu Viele. Stella Goldschlag lives as a Jew in Berlin. The concept is fascinating, a group of terrorists could to bring down society by turning off the electric grid, but in the story there are not surprises or suspense or enough action.


It explores how Holocaust survivors reflected on their liberation through the medium of art. I don’t understand how such a great story could be written in such a dull style?

Reineke Fuchs – Pure Fox Family.

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I do not need action throughout, but thrillers need a few hard-hitting scenes. There are way too many people to track.

wiederholuung Instead of a fast pace story readers are bombarded with information overload. How do we visually connect the national identity, where do we collect the strongest impressions and how does a foreign kluftiinger feel at all? Aber wer hat die schon? Monsieur Claude and his wife Marie are a happy couple in the French province and have four quite beautiful daughters. The topic was perfect, but the execution very poor. The year-old self-confident Fatima has decided to wear a headscarf, the Hijab.

Mademoiselle Nicolette on Tour. Editions, works and multiples show the artist’s activities during the politically turbulent era of the movement in the Federal Republic. It tells the story of nine biographies of women who advocated political and social equality for women. For the first time they follow the footsteps of the lonely wanderer, who is repulsed by his loved one, mocked by all the others, who follows his painful path without ever… Read more.

The story is told by following the situation in at least four European locations.