In response, he pulls the company’s sponsorship. Edit Details Official Sites: Views Read Edit View history. Seiji Hiwatari 1 episode, Na-san finds his route back and reunites with Kirari just in time for the live show. Meanwhile, tabloid reporters are capturing illegal photos and spreading reports about the triangle battle between Hiroto, Kirari, and Izumi.

Kirari will star on a talk show, but Higashiyama Co. However, a sleepy Kirari accidentally gets lost in the city, and without her knowledge of English, how will she find her way back? An incident during Kirari’s photoshoot reveals so much. Luna spends the day with Kirari and her manager then later goes out with Kirari to an amusement park. Transfer to Idol School!! Kirari and hikaru want to create their own perfume, but can’t come up with any good ideas. Kirari and Aoi then compete one-on-one at the final idol queen competition. Akane framed Kirari and the news about it spread quickly.

Kirari has had enough of Blackwood’s manager, and stands up to him.

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However, a sleepy Kirari accidentally gets lost in the city, and without her knowledge of English, how kiirarin she find her way back? Himitsu no Doresu to Hiro Nii-chan! When the day really comes, however, will she truly really give up her first kiss to Hiroto?

Seeing Mya-san and ToriToshi in the newspaper, Na-san decides to try to become an idol, following steps that Kirari did to become an idol. Kirari and Hikaru star as superheroes in a new horror movie.

Kirari’s rankings are still far behind from Aoi, her idol queen opponent. Idol tachi no Tesuto Daisakusen!

Muranishi assigns Kirari a manager: Erina, also in her new class, tries to make Kirari’s first day a nightmare. Na-san, with some background on singing, teaches her how to become a better singer. However, Kirari’s unclear and strange mind of being an idol results revolktion a rejection of her modeling for Rainbow Cosmetics. This quiz show tests kirsrin critical thinking and IQ. Add the first question. Crank up the Tears” Transcription: Myu-san falls in love with Na-san and tries to convince him to be with her.


Seeing that Fubuki published her own manga, Kirari decides to do it too by visiting Himiko Saotome.

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A 14 year old girl wishes to become a successful artist in order to impress the boy of her dreams who is a professional singer. A comedy competition is coming up for idols, so Arashi shows up and puts Kirari and Hikaru through harsh training.

Now Seiji must episoee a girl to his parents if he’s going to save his career, and that girl is After seeing Na-san’s acts, the animals leave the circus.

But Kouta really sees Naa-san as a best friend Grandma’s Cat Road of Love!? Finally, Kirari’s lyrics become her feelings for Hiroto. While everyone enjoys Kirari’s dad’s entries, Roccomari, a famous French food critic, gives a low grade.

Because no one has ever seen Kirari’s food obsession, she is forbidden to eat lots of food for it can ruin her image. Kiari realised that Luna-chan is her mom? Kirari was so busy with work that she goes in a panic when exams are coming up! Blackwood Starts Up” Transcription: Although Kirari’s identity is lirarin while saving Na-san, her confidence and persistence allowed her to become an idol.


Emotionally damaged from Luna’s confession, Kirari holds one last concert. However, Na-san refuses, already being loyal to Kirari. Since Kirari never had a boyfriend before, she englisg interpret her role properly in the pure love drama.

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Use the HTML below. Izumi and Kirari compete as pastry chefs. After overhearing that Kirari will have to study every chance she gets, Erina secretly tries to get Kirari to fail the exams. Kirari’s mushroom theme is all the rage in Japan. Kirari’s insecurity about the kiss in the drama interferes with her other idol activities, but with Seiji’s help, she finally gains determination to go through with the climatic scene.

When Kirari is cast as the main role in a drama, the other leading actress tests Kirari’s confidence with lines not in the script. Izumi, recently hired by Higashiyama, suddenly kisses Hiroto in front of a big crowd during a relay competition.

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Blackwood becomes a popular idol company, and many idols “decide” to be sponsored by it. The final challenge is to write lyrics for a song. Transfer to Idol School!! Erina secretly switches the job to a more ridiculous and difficult task: Sayaka to Miku to Natsuyasumi ” Japanese: Kiss With Whom In the Wedding!?

Luna confesses to Kirari that she is Kirari’s mother.