There was a problem adding your email address. Wrapping up a huge sweeping trilogy can be difficult, but Follett does a great job tying up loose ends, giving justice and time to characters without making it feel too long or fake. Other books in the series. Edge of Eternity [June 10, ] 36 32 Jun 23, Stock characters against the political background of the last half of the 20th century just made this story too long. Most of the novel, perhaps even too much, focuses on the s:

And one small scene with Nicolae Ceausescu as protagonist. View all 4 comments. Connections between real and fictional characters are painfully and unconvincingly contrived. Nothing comes of that, and the book focuses on the fraternal twins of Volodya’s sister whose marriage no one was thrilled about. I have read almost all of Ken Follett’s books. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Maud dies, Grigory is visited on his death bed, what about the rest of the characters we loved and hated? It’s almost as if Follett put that in there to ruin the one completely likable character in the story.

‘Edge of Eternity’ the Perfect Conclusion to a Perfect Series

Print HardbackEbook. There were also a few laughable moments along the way But the book has so much more, covering the civil rights movement, concluding with the election of Barack Obama.

Over a twenty-eight year historical arc, from through toFollett presents his brilliantly researched novel, picking key events and weaving backstories for a plethora of characters, whose lives are more than vessels for the political and social upheaval seen throughout.

No dejen de leer a Follett para formarse sus propias opiniones, pero definitivamente no arranquen por este libro. Vietnam was pretty glossed over earlier, and I shit you not, there is not a single mention of the Soviet war in Syonpsis, despite there being two POV characters based out of the USSR and the theme of the USSR losing money and status being a central theme of the later chapters.


Cheat on me and not feel bad about it?

I am not sure I loved this one quite as much, as the time frame of the ‘s thru the ‘s were familiar to me as it is my history. Well, because these two parties are really nothing more than sports teams that people blindly follow. Waste of my time. Fall of GiantsWinter of the World. This book is full of revisionist history and incorrect statements! Everyone was desperate to cool the temperature, but the opposite kept happening, a nightmarish escalation of the crisis that no one wanted. Jen I agree with Sarah, I think it’s quite well known that he really did have a number of dege.

His Freedom Riders make plenty of history of their own, risking violence not just for stirring folletr the disenfranchised, but also for engaging in more personal forms of protest. Follett also takes on two p Ken Follett believes in the power of a good story.

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Edge of Eternity (The Century Trilogy, #3) by Ken Follett

I cared deeply about these characters. Set partly in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, it is a sequel to bestsellers The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End and was published esge September The men up against these terrible World Wars but still fighting the good fight for their familes? The story flows as history is made.

The portions about Nam can somewhat be forgiven from a “boots on the ground” POV stance, as Follett is never at his strongest when discussing combat.

Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett

Characters in East Berlin and Moscow work under five different Soviet leaderssubtly at first and then more overtly, to bring about the start of the fall of Communism. There are more unlikeable characters than not in this story, vindictive Hans Hoffman was 1 on my list with the self-serving Jasper Murray a close edgw.


I can’t wait to read this book! Follett’s undertaking of the political crises of the next 3 decades, steered ahead by the superpowers ekn the world, range from Communism, Social Democracy, freedom and civil rights, erernity threat of nuclear annihilation, espionage and government corruption, weaving them with creativity, astute interpretation and insight.

Even minor ones and even Martin Luther King? Conseguem nos agarrar dessa forma. Hiding in a women’s lingerie store was a great idea for two women looking not to be followed, but comparing breasts? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Jul 23, Connie rated it really liked fternity Shelves: View all 81 comments. And where was England in all of this turmoil? The Century Trilogy 3.

Como sempre quase sempre?! An ever-growing collection of others appears at: His previous project, The Century Trilogy, has sold 22 million copies worldwide.

I had the impression of the black female captive fkllett a white plantation ‘massa’. Early in the story it’s and rightfully so the segregationists, then Nixon, and lastly Reagan. Wrapping up a huge sweeping trilogy can be difficult, but Follett does a great job tying up loose ends, giving justice and time to characters without making it feel too long or fake.