Cooke left Wharfedale in order to have the freedom to experiment with new materials and technologies. I am extremely jealous Heather, those are my favourite speakers – thanks for taking the time to describe your impressions of them. SimplySound , Feb 28, He intended to produce speakers which were capable of producing a sound that was as close to natural recording as possible. Such was its success that it remained in production for over ten years and, following on from the Model Always at the cutting edge, Cooke made the decision to invest in computer software — a pretty big deal in the very early 70s. I’ve been hoping to score a pair of those some day. After work today, I laid one of the bass cabinets out and pulled the lower woofer – the cabinets are stuffed with yellow foam rubber, there is no excess length on the leads, and its a tight fit getting things out, but I did manage to get the crossover out and read what I think are the numbers on the caps.

That bass reproduction will really wow ya!!! What a fabulous listening space. Deep, powerful and room-filling. This was achieved by combining many of the tried and tested Reference Series features with a new concept in active low-level equalisation, KUBE. I am extremely jealous Heather, those are my favourite speakers – thanks for taking the time to describe your impressions of them. It manages to be both thunderous and roaring, whilst remaining controlled and accurate. But what does this collection consist of?

Simple, but very effective.

Kef 105.4 Reference Series Speakers [Expired]

The result was a system with accurate tonal balance and detailed stereo imaging — being suitable for use with the best electronics — and able to fit unobtrusively into the listening room.


Model was suitable as a main speaker in medium to large sized rooms, in two-channel or multi-channel systems, or as a studio monitor — to which the superior tonal balance and stereo imaging qualities of Uni-Q are perfectly suited.

His year spent with the BBC paid off, and his relationship with them continued as he manufactured several BBC designed loudspeakers while he improved his own designs.

This new system followed the same basic design philosophy of the They Innovative engineering which were pioneered for the venerable and critically-acclaimed LS50, but in true KEF style, it takes it further still.

KEF – Reference Series Model () – International

If you want replacements as close to the original as possible, send off an e-mail to Jerry Bloomfield at sales falconacoustics. Elegant and innovative, the first of the two floorstanders in the new refreence features the full whack of Reference technology, with 6.

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SimplySoundFeb 28, SimplySoundFeb 21, It’s pretty amazing how caps respond to continuous use. The system was fully overload protected by the S-Stop system, included mechanical decoupling of the bass driver to minimize colouration and each pair were acoustically matched to within 0. It was the successor to Model 3 and was suitable as a seriea speaker in medium to large sized rooms or as a surround speaker in multi-channel systems based around Model or front speakers.

When it comes to hi-fi… where do your loyalties lie? This is an upper floor in a s-era house – Cathedral ceiling with skylights and hardwood floors, with an open room below.


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Log in to Reply. In true KEF fashion, the left the audiophile hanging for some time following I’ll take some pix of the pivot sseries this weekend.

This smiley gentleman here is Raymond Cooke. Boz Scaggs “Desire” on Dig is actually full without overkill No, create an account now. SimplySoundFeb 22, One day I might be fortunate enough. Even has a guide-window setting so I can center a red LED in a bullseye window to focus the sweet spot right at my head – pretty amazing feature. But technology and techniques advance steadily, and the sized performance package had been considerably improved. What is good music reproduction?

With added refinements to the drivers and crossover network, the found a new lease of life and continued to be a strong product for KEF in the bookshelf monitor sector. Consistent with the Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Mine have the KEF T33 SP tweeters – not the later models with ferrofluid, so recharging the fluid isn’t a solution Not an easy task — but such is the magic of Reference. Licenses were offered to companies willing to manufacture these for the BBC and, inRogers was the first to take up the opportunity.