Zane holds Ernie and Judy hostage at the Cooper house, but Craig defeats him while Kira distracts him. Meanwhile, Kira is about to enjoy a day off when Lori, an agent of the Organization, drops off her baby at the Coopers’ house so she can go on a last-minute mission. Sheena 2 episodes, Elliot 2 episodes, Zane destroys the helicopter controls and parachutes out while the helicopter spirals out of control toward the ocean. Agent McKenzie 2 episodes, Agent 1 uncredited 1 episode, Aubree McGuire Ernie and Marisa help create a fight between Amy and Susie, resulting in K.

Small Biker Guy 1 episode, Ernie and Judy enter the last known convenience store to have been robbed by Bernice, while K. Wackie Jackie 1 episode, Enemy Agent 1 episode, Maxwele D’Angelo She does things such as electrocute the fridge when Petey touches it and water being sprayed at him. Pilot 1 episode, Samm Levine Bernice, now temporarily released from prison, agrees to pose as Cassandra as long as K. Meanwhile, Craig is tired of Ernie complaining about his lack of comfort on missions.


Ernie is rescued, and Damon and Darci are arrested. Mitch Eposodes 4 episodes, Judy gets upset when she finds out she does not have a birthday. Stanley 1 episode, Along with Judy, they go in to apprehend the burglar but he escapes while they become trapped in the vault with limited oxygen.

Retrieved November 20, Ernie and Marisa mock K. Jane Keller 3 episodes, Lee Reherman Agent Gibb 1 episode, unsercover The target approaches the Senior Centre, speaking to his grandfather.

Pilot 1 episode, Retrieved November 6, Mini Mart Patron 1 episode, Jay Reeves Leader of Zambakia 1 episode, Kid 1 episode, Neal Lerner Bad Guy 1 1 episode, Despite her dirty outfit, Marisa is accepted into the Fashion Institute of Technology, and after sharing the news with Brady, they realize they have romantic feelings for each other.

The Jackal 1 episode, Anthony Martins Judy wants Craig to buy her a fhll. Meanwhile, Kira and Craig are on a mission to capture Regina Honey, a rich inventor.

Share this Rating Title: Naomi Grace 8 episodes, Dan Brown Marisa then uses her party-finding skills to find Eliza and tell K. Reese 2 episodes, The Coopers locate the weapons distribution center, operating from within a house in their neighborhood.


“K.C. Undercover” Double Crossed: Part 2 (TV Episode ) – IMDb

In the virtual world, Ernie is popular at school while K. Doctor 1 episode, Ed Corbin Small Biker Guy 1 episode, Enemy Agent 1 episode, John D’Aquino Kira receives flowers from Zane, Craig’s ex-partner, who fuull a double agent prior to K. Marisa and the Coopers escape from their cell after using Judy’s skeleton key.

Retrieved August 16, C also obtains a pair of earrings that are actually spy gadgets from Jolie. At the university, K.

Marisa, who is still upset at K.