It is the hand that unravels me, the opposite of the closed fist, a goodbye in hopes that you will be back again soon. I figure that if I spend enough time writing about my baachan, she will never die and we can finally forgive each other, if not ourselves. I should never have showed you this. Our fingers are still damp from recording memory. Naomi Kawase is 24 at the time of this film, the same age I am as I write this. It is embalming in real time, while she is still alive, like trying to think what parts of our loved ones we will remember most after they die.

I figure that if I spend enough time writing about my baachan, she will never die and we can finally forgive each other, if not ourselves. Their love is the kind that shoves its fingers down your throat: Peeling apart the leaves of her plants, checking for bugs, cupping the flowers in her knuckled fingers, she is a deity of living things. I should never have showed you this. Shooting me all the time. The rest of them I have taken pictures of with my phone, and for that, I am grateful. Suddenly the tone of her voice has changed. Search for ” Katatsumori ” on Amazon.

The deaths of her son and her husband, poverty, living through the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, all the memories swallowed down and even the ones we were spared but are still somewhere inside.

Inclusive no que diz respeito ao presente compartilhado: Her voice warbles over the shot, stuttering yet still so sure katxtsumori itself: Why do you always have to be so stupid?


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I am visiting my grandmother while I am back home in Greenville. It never comes out of your mouth. I am jealous of these people who got to revel in this smile, of the fact that all of her happiness seemed to have shriveled up by the time I was born and was replaced with pain and paranoia instead.

Who she might have been without the trauma is still there somewhere between tull she is and who she was, but the trauma is there now too. No real time sound – but foley noises She poses modelesque, clutching one leg, her head bent over as she smiles so serenely at the camera.


Depicts the dissolution of a small family in a remote Japanese timber village. I imagine her sweating under the Tokyo sun, wearing violet, a small gold chain wrapped around her neck. In Hiroshima she was someone different, but in America my family tried to stay away from her as much as possible.

After two teenagers from abusive households befriend each other, their lives take a dark adventure into existentialism, despair, and human frailty. Why are you here?

She carves pears and cucumbers happily as the TV repeats the same commercials. Start your free trial. But after I left Japan I could never get in contact with her again.

Soon,she falls in love with Takumi.

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But it seems important that she does not see us seeing her in this moment of normality, this mundane and terribly exciting thing. It feels like meditation for me – the reflection upon not only oneself but also how nature fyll seen as an entirely different entity in home footage, nature that no longer exists in the now. It is my grandmother, her tomatoes.


I press down the tea dispenser into the cups and slide them onto the plate. It feels almost frightening, like if we were to close the window Kawase baachan would disappear for good. Nani ka wo misetai. As I walk toward her I trip a little.

Kawase baachan talks and talks to the neighbor in her garden, their monpei a clatter of patterns that only countrypeople wear. A passionate writer of film versions for the visually impaired meets an older photographer who is slowly losing his eyesight. Her voice warbles over the shot, stuttering yet still so sure of itself:.

There are tomatoes growing in our katatsumiri. I move toward her and this time I am not impatient to leave. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Once, a poet that I loved said to a room full of other Asian American writers, It is time for us to move away from writing about our grandmothers.

The list of Japanese characters hanging up on the kitchen wall is peeling. Perhaps it fill the uprooting from home that brought this out from her.