It was kind of cute. Hi everyone this is my first fanfic ever so there will be many many errors please be nice Warning: For something recent, think MonoKuro. Oh hohohoho, fell in love when we first met. Why do I hate him, you ask? I actually ate something before I came to the studio but it’s a good chance to be with Kamiya-san. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color: Awake is a duet with Ono Daisuke and Kamiyan, by the way.

I looked up to see the bare skin peeking out from Kamiya-sans shirt and just from that sight alone I couldn’t rip away my gaze. Both on step up and gems solo scouting page has the same line up of the characters where Dazai seems to be looking at Chuuya. I Love you Hiroshi Ono was going to have his first solo live concert in Budokan, the one I mentioned in No. He probably thinks I’m gross now. XD However, Izaya admitting he’s seen Shizu’s sleeping face and that it’s c

ゴン…お前は光だ — New BLCD with Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke!

Ah, I just want to hear it. I see… Shower… That smell quickens my heart beats. It will be worse than killing me. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Recall it, recall my odour. It can be anything really. Thank you a loooooot for translating this.

Their relationship is so I’m so confused I can’t even think straight anymore. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Standard SAL shipping,it takes about 2 -3 weeks. Usually, Kamiya-san is the one who takes care of these kind of stuffs. This site uses cookies. Better not say daishke when you’re interviewing Shizu-chan, you know what I mean?

Ahh it’s already this cold, winter is definitely on its way, I think to myself as I realise that my neck is colder than usual. Anyway…I’m always serious, you know? It’s so THEM too Notify me of new comments via email.


See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

What was that just now why did I get embarrassed from being that close to Kamiya-san, something’s defiantly wrong with me, maybe I have some kind of weird sickness, wait but that doesn’t make sense because I’ve never felt this way all those other times Kamiya-san got a little close. Ono left his phone in the taxi.

Ono told Kamiya he put some on his hair before the game started. I mean, duh, but it’s just like Your lines mostly consist of the phrases ‘fucking him’, ‘fuck him’, ‘fucking him’, ‘fuck him’ You are commenting using your Facebook account.

It’s not like I’m hitting him all these times just to see how good I am at it. But then what do these overwhelming feeling for Kamiya-san mean”.

Important Announcement Not an update 9. The part of the toy, and the sleeping face one -goes wild. But wow…he really has been in a lot of BL stuff.

But I looove humans.

ono daisuke too

A lot of us has been raging with joy after Mayoi had dropped the ssr from the official Gakuen! Kamiya kamuya food with strong smell and flavour, yet he open his mouth when Ono fed him a spoon of durian. Since when were you on such bad terms with each other? First of all, his singing voice. You know what’s bad?

Why am I laughing this hard hahahahahaha. OMG Please listen to it!! Were you listening to me or have your ears grown deaf!? So is there any improvement you wish him to make? Now you may argue kamya Dazai quite often if not regularly looks at Atsushi in that fond way, Yes it is indeed true however, kamia card has not been released as it does not appear on the scouting banner as well as his card has an individual post on his own on the official Mayoi twitter.


Jealously can lead to? Well, I knew Kamiyan his voice at least since hearing it in Zetsubo Sensei but my seiyuu fangirl-mode did not exist at the time and I kinda had the impression all male seiyuus sounded the same.

This is my personal observation. I walk out of the store and down the street heading to anywhere I can think by myself. Between him and me it was always knives and fists and tricks and traps…. hiorshi

Like Music to my Ears; Kamiya Hiroshi | Death by Moe

Many of us have been also pointing it out that Dazai is staring at Chuuya like a whipped boy friend. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He is good to stay right in this way. Do kwmiya consider yourself the dog or the monkey? After both of them got into backstage, Chanko came out and asked everyone not to share this on Twitter. That’s why I’ll never just let him pass if he dares step daisuoe Ikebukuro again.